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    Hi Jennifer and welcome - just copying your post here to make sure that everyone gets a chance to welcome you!

    Hi all! I'm a newbie that just got the news today that my 10 yr old son (who was recently diagnosis'ed with type 1 diabetes) MAY have ODD and/or ADHD. I found this site on google and hope to learn from others on how to deal. Life is so stressful for us right now. I'm not quite sure I know enough about the lingo on here yet to fix my SIG accordingly.
    A lil bit about us...
    i'm Jennifer 30 yrs old married to Rob 37 yrs old and we have Nathan 10 yrs old. We live in Alabama. I'm a stay at home mom who loves to read. Rob bulids houses for a living and work is really slow right now. Nathan or Nate as we call him is a wonderful, smart, caring boy who is confused and doesnt understand what is going on and why he feels the way he does at times. So any and all info or tips and tricks to dealing with a child who has or may have ODD and/or ADHD is welcomed.
    Live, Laugh, and Love
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    Hi and Welcome!! It sounds like you have your hands full! My guess is that you won't be able to decipher the ADHD or any other potential issue until the diabetes is under control. I'm not an expert, but based on the diabetics I have known and the diabetic dog I had, it really can effect moods and behavior quite a bit.

    Have you started processes to get him on an IEP yet? That might be helpful.

    Feel free to post about frustrations, questions, etc. Also, you might want to check out the watercooler for a few laughs and off-topic conversations.
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    wanted to pop in and add my HI and Welcome!! All I can say is that I always take one day at a time with- my daughter. Start over with- the new day if the last one wasn't so easy. LOL