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    Karyn818, welcome! I've pasted your story into its own thread so members will notice it, welcome you to the board and share their experiences. When you get a chance, please go to User CP at the top lefthand side of the page and create a signature similar to mine. It will appear every time you post and help us remember the details of your family when we reply. Again, welcome!

    I am a 37 year old mom of 2. My son just turned 7 has ADHD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)/ODD/Axiety. I put him on Concerta 3 months ago. It helped alot with the hyper and the focus but not the ODD (which we are working on at home without medicating him for that) The last few days he developed a tic but we are watching to see if its that hes not eating enought or what. He lost almost 10lbs so far and was not a fat kid to start out with. They say that the appetite comes back around 6 months but i do see some coming back. He is still difficult and the odd drives me nuts. its better with the medications but i am not sure how long that will last cause the dr may take him off cause of the recent tics although i am hoping they disappear.:surprise: My house was in major termoil for 6 years. My husband almost left 1 1/2 years ago because he couldn't deal with it and didn't like being a dad, didn't like his job (still doesn't), didn't like having bills and thought it would be easier to leave but he didn't. I also had another baby during that time. She is 14 months now and I am hoping she doesn't have his disorders too. :anxious:
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    Welcome Karyn818. Here's some hot tea and a pr of fuzzy bunny slippers. :)

    It sounds like your son was a handful almost from birth. How were his sleep patterns as a baby? Did he speak on time?

    I'm glad the Concerta is helping with-the hyperactivity but I'm worried about the tics. Those are from the Concerta, right?

    I'm sorry about the stress with-you and your husband. It is pretty normal to be stressed out in a marriage when you've got a kid like that, with-the exception that your husband sounded really serious about leaving. :( I hope you two were able to go to counseling. My husband and I have a date night every wk where we go out to our fave restaurant and then to a bookstore or a movie. It helps us keep our sanity.

    How is the baby doing? You would have probably noticed something by now ... late speech, walking issues, screaming, lack of sleep ...
    Is your difficult child good around her, IOW, even if he's raging, he doesn't aim kicks at her or anything, right?

    Best of luck. Welcome.
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    My son has adhd/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)/huge anxiety and likely aspergers which makes a logical umbrella for all of it. Manster is now 10. He also has sensory issues. About 2 years ago he had a throat clearing tic that started from chronic allergies and became habit. That went away and now, he's got an eye blinking tic. The psychiatrist said due to his anxiety we wouldn't even try the stims (concerta, etc).

    I'm glad you found us, sorry you had to and just know you will find support and understanding here. Big hugs, ML
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    Welcome aboard! Do post more so we can try to give you our parental suggestions ;)
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    Hello Karyn,
    Just wanted to add my welcome.
    Glad you found us. This forum has helped me keep my sanity when nothing else would.