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    I saw your first post buried in a very old thread and decided to place it in a new thread so you get the welcome you deserve!

    Here it is:

    hello everyone i have a question i need help in writing a letter to the judge my son has been adhd for over 7 yrs he was getting in and out of trouble so finally he was commited to and residential program since april 2010 he is still in the program struggle really bad to completethe program he now 15 yrs im so stress i missing my son so much but i feel the program wasn't the right setting for him which is a modrate risk program now it really going bad because he is now making bowel movement and eating is feces can control his behavior i really want him to be release from this program so i can find some help for him he has been to two program and has not been sucessful what do i do
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    Gosh, is he on any medication? This is not just ADHD. He's got something seriously wrong.
    How do they manage him when he does that?
    Definitely, start making phonecalls and writing letters. He doesn't seem capable of controlling his behavior and needs serious interventions.
    I am so sorry!