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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Please join me in welcoming rlsnights! I've known her for several years through another parenting website for kids with Crohn's. She is a wonderful lady with a wry sense of humor. :D

    rlsnights, when you're ready, please pop in and tell a little about yourself and your difficult child's.
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    Welcome! Here's some iced tea and a soft chair. What's on your mind?
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    Welcome to the site! Post when you are ready.
  4. rlsnights

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    So, first thing is that I type like 100 wpm so my posts are always WAAAAAY too long. And I can already tell that I can loosen up and have a little fun on this board compared to the other boards I am on. So please let me know if I go too far in that direction out of reaction to having to straightjacket myself elsewhere. This is most likely to happen when I am hypomanic...like tonight!:dancing:

    I know more about physical and mental health care than anyone should ever know who isn't a medical professional and, at this point, I am darn glad. Being an expert patient/caregiver is what I am shooting for and I am not ashamed to admit it. I also pretty much expect everyone else to be shooting for that goal too. So my replies are often peppered with links and quotes and references so folks can go back to the original info and read what I read before they draw their own conclusions and go talk to their doctors.

    I don't know everything by any means, but I know a lot and I can be a sharpshooter with a search engine (hm..my figure of speech trigger seems to be stuck in gun metaphor-mode tonight which for some reason is leading me to add a dancing turkey to my post right here :thanksgiving2: guess it's the free-association: gun:turkey:thanksgiving).

    I am still working on my recovery from being a research analyst :geeky:10 years ago (I managed the SSI database for the State of CA among other things). So be gentle with me when reminding me that not everyone wants all the numbers or every possible iteration of a solution. (Earlier this summer I did an analysis of the populations of 4 nursing homes my choir visits to show to the conductor during our discussion of repertoire changes. Complete with graphs. It was very interesting, really. She was speechless. And then she said "And you did this... why?" at which point I got that I was being a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) even for me.:alien:)

    As for my family, well we are a researcher's wet dream and nightmare all at once. My nuclear and 1st degree extended family include people living with:

    • Bipolar, MDD, Borderline (BPD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ODD, Psychosis, Paranoia and the ever present, dreaded ... Anxiety
    • Polysubstance abuse
    • Osteogenesis imperfecta - severe with advanced degeneration
    • Crohn's Disease - pediatric onset
    • Asthma
    • Short Bowel Syndrome
    • Diabetes
    • Clotting disorders including my partner with a hx of multiple pumonary embolisms
    • Dialysis due to kidney failure 2nd to MS
    • Multiple Sclerosis in multiple family members on partner's side
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Arthritis

    That's the basic list - I think you probably get the idea. And I'm a 20 year survivor of stage 2 breast cancer dxd at age 32.

    I have been doing Special Education with one kid or another for so long now you would think I would have learned a thing or two. But mostly I've learned to give good advice after I've learned why NOT to do something a particular way.:(

    Many thanks for welcoming me to the CD boards. I would REALLY be up all night if I were to give you the whole story and since I was already up most of last night dealing with a crisis with our oldest, out of town no less, and missed my medications I am going to be a good mommy and make myself take my medications and go to bed.

    Sweet dreams to all and to all a good night!:sleepy:
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Good to meet you, rlsnights. We look forward to seeing you around & joining in our own CD.com chaos.
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    Adding a big huge imperfect, well perfect in my mind... WELCOME!
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    welcome, I am sorry you have so much experience in all this, but hope I can learn a few things from you. Welcome
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    Gosh...welcome! I think we are going to become good friends!
  10. susiestar

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    Welcome!!! I think you will fit in just right around here. Many of us do a lot of research on what our families deal with (and we include our CD board cronies as our family!).

    Personally, you and I may end up in competition to see who can write the longest post, LOL. I am not as fast a typist but am very verbose and my brain is packed with bits of info. I also do a fair number of typos but I do try to edit them out. Here is to hoping they don't drive you nuts!

    I appreciate all the research you wish to share. I feel that we must do our best to be extremely well informed patients and patient advocates (esp to our children and frail elderly relatives!). I often have things to share also. Of course anything that you know or have already found to not work can be ignored without any insult taken on my part or most anyone else here's part.

    As for the Turkey, well, it just seemed to fit there. It is a pretty cool turkey, isn't it?

    I have experience with many of the problems you listed, either myself or family members. Personally I will be 40 this week but my body thinks it is about 80. But my mind is still here, at least for the most part, LOL.

    I hope you find a home on the "interweb" (my 9yo's new term - he was crawling around like a spider while he waited for pages to load earlier, LOL!) here with us. I think you will fit right in.

    Let us know what you can when you are comfortable.

    welcome and hugs,

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    Looking forward to hearing more from you!