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    You posted this after another persons post, and I am afraid no one saw it. It needs to be under "a new thread" for people to give you answers. Let us know if you see this, so we can help you via your own post.


    Need advice.My 16 y/o son has been in and out of legal system for almost 2 years/trouble in school,extremely defiant to anyone that tries to give him structure.before being put in res facility would be verbally and physically abuse to anyone who crossed him.stayed gone 1 month dealing narcotics for older woman before police found him.has punched holes in wall,detroyed property and stole presciption medications from me.attempeted to strangle me to death and my mother and his older sister pried his hands off of me.i reported it to police and he said he had to do it to get me off of him/i went to jail/1 month later he had his sister put in jail/all charges were dropped.since he has been in the res facility he has overdosed 3 time and has been in numerous fights/he will be getting out in 4 weeks and i think if he snaps again and does not get his way he will have me put in jail again.considering giving up parental rights.he has not been on any mes for this.need advice and help
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    Saw my son's true colors again other night.While I was on the phone with him{still at } he told me he had got 5 days ISS at school for asking someone for a quarter.I am sure this is not the whole story.His counsler overheard the confersation and my son for almost 5 min called the counsler everything in the book,he was warned that his PO was going to be notified and it just made him worse. He is suppose to be realeased in 3 week and I have made my mind up tto let the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) there will be no way I can control him and his violent behavior/they can't even control him.Thank all of you that has given me so much good advice.I hope i will be able to help someone else like I was.God Bless:anxious: