Welcome to everyone taking a healthy step!!!

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    Cheryl had discussed with the mods before about starting a forum dedicated to our overall health. With JJJ's post over on the WC, we decided to "grab the bull by the horns" and start this new forum!!!!!

    I hope you will find support and inspiration here. I am really excited about moderating this forum because I will also pull that support and inspiration from you as I begin my journey to become a more healthy me.

    I would love to get some ideas on supporting each other in our weight loss. We could choose one day a week to post updates. We could share recipes. We could share inspirational words. The possibilities are endless. Share your ideas.

    If weight loss is not one of your goals this year, but you are making other health improvements, i.e., quitting smoking, beginning medications to improve the quality of your life, removing clutter, etc., it's all good here!

    I will share with you that easy child and I are joining WW next Tuesday. We are going to the location nearest our house and they have limited hours. We had to choose a time when she was not working or in school. We are both really excited and have begun to search for recipes.

    Again, welcome to our newest forum and I wish everyone the very best as you pursue your goal of a Healthier You!!!!!!

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    Here's some words of inspiration:

    Don't like your huge behind? Leave it behind in 08!

    I'm going for a goal of 100 pounds off!

    The healthy way -

    I'm getting the book Trinity recommended

    And I'm all for the weigh in once a week -

    Should we have a bulge buddy?
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    I would love practical, healthy recipes for those on a budget. :smile:

    I am not a cook at all so am always looking for user-friendly, heart healthy, tasty recipes. And that seems to be a pretty tall order! I also have a very picky eater in my son, so as simple and un-exotic as possible is what I look for. Otherwise, I'll end up cooking 2 meals a night; one for difficult child and I and one for easy child.
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    I might look up the Food and Mood book. Now that I'm in peri menapause, my ears perk up when I hear about things that help with hot flashes, etc. My cousin, a month younger than I, was getting the flashes pretty consistantly. She switched over to soy milk in her coffee and cereal and said it has made a difference.

    I'll go ahead and sticky a healthy recipe thread. Go there and share your recipes. I would also love some side recipes as well. We'll use smallworld's snack thread for "grabbers" that keep you going!

    I think next Wednesday I'll post our first progress post and we can follow every Wed morning. Whoever gets here first on Wednesdays can give a shout out to see how much less of everyone there is!!!! That will give everyone a week to get started.

    Go Team!!!

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    Rachel Ray has those 20 minutes meals and most of them are pretty healthy. I have very little time and love recipes that are quick and easy.

    Sharon, thanks for moderating us. I will keep thinking and share any ideas I come up with.

    As far changing our food choices, I have found that staying distracted from thinking about food helps. Spend one day planning daily menus, do the shopping and then try not think too much about it.

    I plan to walk on my lunch hour every day. I started today! I already sort of blew it tonight but I'm shaking it off and plan to do better tomorrow.

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    Cheryl, Sharon, and all mods,

    THANK YOU so much for adding this forum!!! I truly believe everyone who comes here will benefit from it. Healthy living, in my humble opinion, is a lifestyle, a way of living each and every day to improve our bodies, our minds, our lives. The addition of this forum is a great start to 2008!!! Thanks again, WFEN
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    I want to add my thanks for starting this forum.
    Especially for all of us who have so much stress in our lives, taking care of ourselves is so important. It keeps us strong for all the Warrior Parent battles that we have to fight.


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    The book I'm using is one recommended to me by easy child & BF1. It's also recommended by doctors, but I'm not sure it's available in the US. It's the CSIRO Wellbeing Diet book. It has recipes and menu planners, as well as overall guides to healthy eating. Some good suggestions -

    1) Cut back on carbs, increase protein.

    2) Watch fat intake, try to eliminate all saturated fats and use monosaturated fats or polyunsaturated fats in extreme moderation instead.

    3) No more than one portion of fruit per day, but at least three portions of vegetables per day (with variety)

    4) Eliminate all refined carbs, replace with unprocessed equivalents. ie wholegrain wholemeal bread, brown rice, NO SUGAR (which includes no honey).

    The book also explains how to calculate your own daily individual calorie/kilojoule usage based on your activity level, your gender, your age, your height and weight.

    Good stuff!