Welcome to my major Whine Festival

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    :wine: I have it all, Reds and whites, expensive imports to two-buck chuck.

    Our first selection today is robust red featuring confusion and uncertainty. I have 3 more days until my psychiatrist appointment. She keeps asking if I want medications because things are getting that bad. But my last two tries weren't that great. One made me nauseous all day long, the other screwed up my blood pressure so bad. There were only 8 points between the top and bottom number. So, I'm not sure what to do.

    Our next choice is a harsh little red with a touch of bitterness. The court paperwork was signed on the 23rd for husband's child support junk. Of course, they had the first payment due the week prior (the 15th) so he is in arrears so that they will take out even more money. And tomorrow is payday, we get to do the waiting game to see if the new paperwork got in before payroll was run or after. If it was before, we'll be $500 short on the mortgage. Yeap, a little bit of a bitter taste with this one.

    The next selection is a unique little white that I like to call "Gremlin". It's full of a "Just my Luck" variety of flavors. In the 6 weeks since they set the court date my luck has gone on vacation. Cooking in the oven has become a roulette game...will the temp be hot enough to cook, too hot so that everything burns, or just right so that dinner turns out? The dishwasher has become a difficult child and will work correctly once every 3 or 4 loads. The refridgerator is making death rattle sounds. The first time it made the noise all three dogs had the hair on their backs standing straight up and were growling like the boogey man had just come in the house. Add to this, I lost my another filling last night. That makes 4 in six weeks. Oh, and the coolant light came on in my car this morning. Got to watch this Gremlin whine...it has quite the kick and leaves a very nasty hangover.

    Our next selection is a heart-pounding white. It's called the "Queen" after my Queen of all GFGdom Grandmother. She is pulling out every game in her arsenol and getting herself in major, major trouble. Now she has DSHS looking at taking her out of her home and putting her away somewhere. Add to that, her humitifier went out and her basement is covered in mold. So, my so-called vacation to see her will include a basement mold cleaning expedition. That's if she is still there. UHG!!

    And our last selection for the day is a very sad import. It's filled with tears and sadness. husband's aunt is home on hospice with terminal lung cancer. She won't be around much longer at least we hope not. Then, husband's best friend has major health issue which have him in constant pain. The lovely health care that he belongs to has decided that he's been on pain medications too long and have taken all of them away from him. So, he's self-medicating with the intent to OD so that his life and pain will end.

    I feel like the whinest little baby right now. All I want to do is sit and cry for a month. And husband just called. His world at work just took a turn for the worst. Told him if he needed a mental health day, I'll take one with him. Waiting to hear what his decision is.

    Thank you for attending my little whine festival. And to think, I was under the delusions that life would get easier when the difficult children left. :hammer:
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    If it makes you feel any better, you made me feel less whiney today.

    Hugs. Things WILL work out. (Until then, wine/whine away!)
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    Sending LOTS of hugs.

    I have little advice for most of this but a whole ton of hugs. For the friend with the pain issues, he does have some rights to continuation of care. In our country patients have rights also. Of course the medications depend on the diagnosis. If the doctor removed the pain medications he may be able to find another pain doctor. If it is insurance they may expect his reaction and try to outwait any appeal he files. It is still worth trying to get him to file an appeal. If nothing else and the pain is horrific (I really DO understand - have my own pain issues) then he should go to a regular hospital for treatment for the pain and NOT NOT NOT let them see the depression if it is possible to hide it. They should be able to get him on an appropriate plan and to get him set up with a doctor for care outside the hospital. IF they think he is suicidal he will not get that with-o some psychiatric treatment (not always a bad idea - if you are in horrible pain and you are not somewhat depressed by it you are crazy, in my humble opinion)

  4. totoro

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    I will send you Raoul the fix it hunk with a Case of really good Whine... after he arrives there will be NO need to Whine. Just a feeling of pure bliss....

    He has tickets to a tropical island for you and husband after he is done fixing everything, you need to stay and make sure everything is done properly. ;)
    Everything else will just magically take care of itself....

    (I wish I had a magic Whine Wand)
  5. DaisyFace

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    This is not whining - these are legitimate complaints about things that are just plain WRONG!

    That child support order is enough to get me steaming right there....and then behind on the mortgage to boot? ARRGGHH!!! Guess that means you won't have to replace the appliances, not too much room for them once you are living in a refrigerator box under the overpass from what I hear. :mad:

    And be VERY careful about cleaning mold - if it's a toxic variety you can make yourself seriously sick! That's a job usually left to the professionals for a reason.

    As for the rest...you definitely have more than your share of troubles right now...is that cheese next to that whine? Cause it really, really stinks!

    I'm so sorry.

    I hope things get better for you and your family soon!