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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Hi WTL and welcome! I'm copying your thread here so you can get a proper welcome. ;)

    I have four kids as well, wow I just found this site and my 14 year old daughter sounds the same I can't believe it, WOW. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 7 and now has just been released from the hospital for self harm etc and was diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. She is out of control,lies,minimizes everything, tell the dr's what they want to hear, cutting, she loves to drink and I found out she smokes weed, LIAR lies on top of lies, doesnt hide or even care to hide her behavior, huge mood swings, impulsive,fighting, suspended 5x this year, grades are so bad they could not grade her, she is just there for the social aspect, she has choked out her sister as well last year and thought nothing of it, sticks her foot out while her younger brothers are running, when asked why would you do that she replies with " I didn't do that", she argues about everything, has no guilt or remorse NONE! and sooooooooooooo much more. I'm losing hope as the Dr's said there is no medications for conduct disorder. I'm very afraid of her as i don't know what to expect day to day. Things are getting worse, and I feel I have lost hope and see no light. :(
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    Welcome WTL. It sounds like you have a lot to deal with. Sending you hugs!! My DF's son, LittlePeace exhibits most of the behaviors you have described (out of control most of the time, lying, minimizing everything, telling the doctors what they want to hear, telling them everyone is out to get him in trouble, impulsive, fights, argues about doing anything he doesn't want to do, has also been suspended five times this year, is going to have to repeat the 7th grade because of his attendance and behavior, has physically and mentally harmed his step-brothers, and whenever he's caught misbehaving, even if one of us sees him doing something, he denies it). He has NO access to drugs, alcohol or sharp objects. He has cut himself in the past. You are not alone. I have received a lot of support and suggestions already. It always helps knowing that others are going through the same things. Hang in there.
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    hi and welcome........

    you do have your hands full, and it's never easy........ what type of stuff are you doing at home with her as far as trying to put rules in place and what do you do if she doesn't follow them? do you have back up, what type of team of doctor's do you have in place for her??
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    Well, you could be my twin....I just found this site and it is such a comfort that I am not alone in this....it is easy to have a big ole pity party for myself...but finding this site and y'all....I think I will postpone it. Hang tough people.
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    Hi and welcome. Sheesh, she is really something. I can only imagine how tense everything must be at your house. I am so sorry. I hope you find some good, workable ideas here.
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    Adding my welcome! Oh and where is the light? - (snort) I'm a star - that enough light for ya? (oh come on ya'll knew that was coming!)

    Hugs! Welcome to the 'bright' family!