Well at least she had a designated driver...

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  1. HereWeGoAgain

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    .. but the driver was only 12. And was her daughter. And drove her to the bar, not home.

    I can't figure out the logic here. Was it because of a suspended license? Well, that her license was suspended would hardly be surprising, but having an unlicensed 12-year-old do the driving? That just changes the offense to endangering a child, which is more serious.

    But perhaps it is futile to attempt to find any logic at all here.

    (On second thought, here's a theory: the daughter is much more responsible than her mother. She begged mom not to go out, but failing in that, persuaded mom to let her drive, so that mom could not later be driving home drunk? If so the girl deserves a medal.)

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  2. trinityroyal

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    This just makes me shake my head.

    I guess the "Don't drink and drive" message sunk in all right, but getting your 12 year old Daughter!! to drive you to a BAR!!?? And then to have her take the car back home?

    Is this woman certifiably insane??!! Wait a minute. Of course she is, otherwise none of this would be happening.

  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    That is so sad. The poor girl.
  4. mrscatinthehat

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    Oh my. This is definately a head shaker.