Well, court was fun!

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    Long story short: Temporary support order granted, motion for contempt dismissed.

    The GM had a REALLY hard time understanding why a grown working mad did not have his own bank account. He told husband to get things in order because the court does not like such smokescreens, and will not be playing that game with him. BUT since he doesn't have an account there's no contempt. The other item was his lease, but husband is claiming to be month to month with no lease. Yeah, OK, but there is usually a lease stating that it is month to month. I wasn't gonna win it so I didn't push, but really wanted to see how they were listed on it - as two individuals or as husband and wife. Whatever.

    So when we moved to support and I walked the GM through the worksheet. GM asked if husband accepted the figure as my income. NO. He started going on about the letter he wrote which the court hadn't received yet. husband claimed he sent it urgent with a signature confirmation and said it was the GM's signature - BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GM had smoke coming out of his ears. Reminded husband that he was under oath and the GM NEVER signs for anything and on and on. husband went on to say that BOTH letters were sent overnight (I had my envelope right there, it was plain old first class mail)

    So, GM ordered CS and after all that I was shocked that he even reduced it by the allowable 5% (no sweat off nose). husband kept pleading his case and the fact that he sent the letter and finally the GM just said, "CS is ordered we're done her. Have a good day." and hung up on husband. I had to exercise GREAT restraint to keep from laughing.

    So we'll see if he actually pays, and I have to figure out what's I'm supposed to do next. But, yeah, it was pretty amusing.
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    GOOD - you have someone that can see through the smokescreens!!!

    What are you supposed to do next? Well, since the contempt is buh-bye, I would say to wait to receive the order.

    Does your county have the clerk of courts online?
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    Well, you're classier than I am, I'd have busted out laughing. LOL
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    HAHA Great update!!! Reminds me of when Matt's dad went to court to stop me moving. He hadn't seen Matt for 3 years, his choice, he never once asked for a visit. I prepare to move and he files for full custody. His bonehead lawyer he was paying used as part of what Matt would miss moving further from his father, the cat. Carried on about Matt's bond with the cat. I had no lawyer. I asked him on the stand how old was the cat. The cat was 2. 2 year old cat, 3 years since he'd had even a hour visit, umm, how did this bond form exactly? Judges must shake their heads.

    Glad it went well today and hoping it continues this way through the rest of the process for you.
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    Step, I *think* the next thing I'm supposed to do is schedule mediation. However I'm not exactly sure what we're mediating since he doesn't file things in the right format. Instead of using the "answer" forms he wrote a letter, jumping from topic to topic. If things don't get resolved through mediation, then we're supposed to go to trial. So, I guess I'll call the mediation office tomorrow and see what's what. The real PITA with that is that there is a fee, and I'm pretty sure this will anger 'the beast' some more because he will think that I'm CHOOSING to go that route when in fact, it is a required step.

    Mattsmom, yup! They sound like they are from the same mold.

    Hound, 10Q:flirtysmile3:

    The joy I was experiencing from this was short-lived - I got a call from school about DD1. Apparently she screamed at the top of her lungs and startled the whole cafeteria into silence - you could hear a pin drop. UHG! It just never ends.