Well darn, now it's Rowdy

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    This whole aging dog thing hoovers, by the way.

    I had hoped that Rowdy's over grown nails were the issue with him not moving. Although that didn't seem right because in his 13-14 yrs I had never once had to clip his nails for hm. And this year they were horribly overgrown when I went to give him a good going over to see why he wasn't moving unless with some mighty heavy duty motivation.....sometimes not even then. We got his nails trimmed down really nice, right where they should be. He was a good boy for us.

    And I've kept an eye on him. He still wasn't moving. Been noticing that during this heat he won't even get up to get water..........unless I come into the yard and he gets up to greet me. Then it's sort of like Well I'm up, I need a drink. And he'll drink and drink and drink, then plop down again and not move. I thought maybe the heat was playing a role (although honestly heat has never seemed to bother him a bit as long as he can dunk his head in water, he's snow white) due to his age and heavy coat. When I noticed he wasn't drinking unless someone came out.......well he's been being hosed down a LOT to help keep him cool and I've been making more trips into the yard enticing him up onto his feet.

    Rowdy has been whine barking when we take the girls for a walk. He's always loved walks. So I had planned to take him soon as Maggie was ready for a morning walk in addition to the evening walk. It's a great way for them to get used to each other without her being in his face when he doesn't want her to be. This morning I sneak Maggie out the back door. (walks are the world to Molly, she gets her nose out of joint if she can't go) and we put Rowdy man on the leash.

    My poor boy started out slow, which sent up a major red flag. Even last fall for the first half block he'd pull me like a sled dog in his excitement to walk. Not this morning. He started slow and ended even slower.....like barely moving slow. And he only made it around about half the block......if that. When we finally made it home (because seriously he was SLOW) he just couldn't go any further and so we let him rest at the front porch. I went in for his peanut butter biscuits and the dog brush. Then proceeded to brush him. Once he'd rested a while and had enjoyed some affection....we hosed him down really good. It took forever for him to walk into the back yard so Travis could put him on the lead. Shoot with the way he can't move......he doesn't need the lead except he'd eat the whole garden. We filled up the wash tub for him. It's not "supposed" to be so hot today.......but omg it's sooooooooo muggy, and yeah, already hot. So it's there. Gonna put some 2 liters in the freezer full of water and take them out to him to cuddle up to.

    I have to stop by the vet tomorrow. We've already discussed Rowdy once. But due to him being an outside dog and the summer being the way it's been, I hadn't had the full impact of his condition really understood. It's not like the girls where I look at them all day because they're always near me. Makes me feel sort of bad. I'll see if with some encouragement to move, if he'll gradually get better. (the you don't use it you lose it thing....joint movement and muscle function) I'll work with him twice a day on short walks at his own pace without Maggie. If over time he doesn't improve and it continues to look like he's in a great deal of pain........I will take him to the only trip he's ever had to the vet and have him put down. Not being able to move is pretty much zero quality of life.

    This really blows. Rowdy is older than Molly by about 2 yrs. He's always been healthy, I mean seriously healthy........even with some pretty severe neglect via Travis when he was considerably younger. (which he bounced back from) He's always been energetic and happy with a huge grin on his face. He's been onary, escaping the yard no matter what barrier we put into place (which is why the lead that extends the whole yard was set up), and always came home within 20 mins. He was out "visiting". He never really played, but he LOVED his walks.

    Molly has saved us from several intruders. But Rowdy is my bonafide Hero. I was walking him when I got hit by that truck, I know he was hit too.......although obviously not hurt too badly. I know it had utterly terrified him. We both had PTSD from that accident. He refused for years to cross the road at the corner where we got hit. That truck hit us, throwing us both. The force from that not only yanked the leash from my wrist......but shattered my right shoulder. The impact from the truck itself shattered the left shoulder and gave me a compression fracture of the skull. This terrified dog didn't run away like most dogs would do. He ran HOME. He sat on the porch and barked urgently (think Lassie) and scratched and when husband told Travis to put him in the kennel (thinking I'd come home, put Rowdy in his kennel, and gone to my bffs across the street, which I sometimes did) Rowdy would have no part of it. He fought the lead, he continued to bark and whine and he tried to drag them to where I was lying in the street. It was Nichole who kept yelling at her dad that Rowdy was telling them something was wrong. And then husband went looking for me. Found me in the middle of the street a few blocks away with police and ambulance......yeah. Mr. Rowdy man didn't know someone was going to come and help me, so even scared and hurt himself.........he ran home for help. It's not the first time he saved a person either. Had some crazy a## cat literally attack a elderly neighbor lady (seriously it was awful) right out of the blue..........Rowdy didn't hesitate. He heard that woman screaming and scaled his 6 foot kennel fence in nothing flat and zipped past me as I stood there with my mouth hanging open. He was on that cat like stink on sh*t, until he got it off the woman. Cat ran off a total mess. (Rowdy wasn't playing around) And he sat with the woman until we got to her to help. Took Rowdy years and years before he'd tolerate the presence of a cat after that.

    So some positive vibes and maybe a few prayers that this is mainly a case of needing to be built up again. Cuz I've decided that it's probably a good thing I didn't wait until after putting down Molly and Rowdy to get a new pup. I doubt I would have done it. I've relied much more heavily on those two than even I realized for a wide variety of reasons. I just can't imagine them no longer being with me. :(
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    Could he have a tic borne illness? That is what Sophie has...she's being treated...it is not Lyme...and she is finally beginning to show some improvement. Finally, but still very slow and when she isn't being forced to go out, she's exhausted, but at least her gait is better and she can go and down stairs again. She is still dying, but at least we can treat the tic issue. Yes, it does suck that we outlive our fur babies.
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    As a dog lover, I hope Rowdy does get better and has more walks to take. Let us know what the vet says.
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    Well, if it's tick borne and treatment is expensive........then the result will be the same. Because I just can't afford it.

    I've never ever located a tick on him, odd I know when him being outside. I've never really seen him have an issue with fleas either..........and no, normally I don't treat him because if he has them I've never seen them. Even when I bath him.

    But this year both fleas and ticks are really really bad. So he's on advantix. He's getting his new dose this evening.
  5. hearts and roses

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    The antibiotics for Sophie were only $12.
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    Hound I'm sorry your babies are having such a tough time which is, in turn, making you have a tough time as well. It's never easy making difficult choices but it sounds like you have thought this through already but you just not quite prepared for it. I think no one can ever "prepare" anyway as it's not easy. It's family.

    Hugs lots of hugs......
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Tick treatment is not expensive......it's antibiotics for a couple of weeks, a couple of blood tests, vet office visit - the re-visit is no charge.

    I'm sorry hon - this is not a good year for vet bills of any amount. But HNR is right about the tick treatment cost.

    And try the enteric aspirin - (the coated kind at dollar general ) you can get a HUGE bottle for cheap and put 4 on a knife with some pnut butter and give it to him once a night - and it will help with the arthritis.....this will help him sleep better. He can have 4 again (due to his size) again in the am. IF he's stiff.
  8. Hound dog

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    Well, I can do 12 bucks for antibiotics.....and I suppose I can do some blood test. I don't relish the thought of taking a dog who had literally never stepped foot in a vet's office........(his vet always came to him until she closed her practice) Nor do I relish them trying to get blood out of him because he's as strong as an ox and not used to being handled like that. He might bite. I dunno. Guess I can warn them to muzzle him just in case. He's a sweet boy but doesn't like strangers at all.

    I'll give the enteric coated aspirin a shot too. Can't hurt for certain.

    Yeah, I'm so not haven't much luck vet wise this year.

    I'm putting in for a dialysis technician job (yes, I'm aware of the irony of that lol ) and at the rate I'm seeing the vet lately.......I certainly hope I get it. omg
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    Rowdy almost made it to the church this evening. He was being stubborn. Wanted to keep going and refused to turn back home. After all these years he knows every single variation to the walk routine. We weren't getting away with that half a block deal again. He made it several blocks when you count going down to the church and back. Slow as a turtle almost, had to stop and rest a few times, literally collapsed on the patio once he made it up the two steps. After resting 5-10 mins he made it into the kennel with hamburger and dog food and fresh cold water. Mom had to take over for the trip home.......silly boy wanted to show me he could make it the whole way. But Mom is boss so he stopped being stubborn and headed home.

    He oddly was walking a teeny bit better until he got super tired. The rolling gait thing wasn't as noticable at first......until toward the end and then it was very pronounced. He looks very stiff and sore.....a hurting type walk. But you couldn't wipe that grin off his face for nuthin'. So if he's willing to keep trying, Mom will keep walking him and do what I can to make sure he doesn't over do.
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    I hope he feels better soon - sounds like he is trying his very, very best. Good juju and prayers.
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    Maybe Rowdy's just at an age where chasing squirrels and his own tail isn't fun any more... maybe he NEEDS to be walked? I'm hoping he's just "older" and a bit stiff and needs some directed exercise... the aspirin can't hurt either way - if it's a bit of arthritis, or just "stiff and sore" from not being active.
  12. Hound dog

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    That's what I'm hoping too IC. Last fall, he was still very much his old self. You'd never guess he was as old as he is. That's why I said it sort of hit him BAM.

    I was really surprised at his determination to go on our walk........not to mention walk the normal 2 miles, stiff or sore, pain or no pain. No way was I going to let him do the whole thing.....I hadn't planned on him going as far as he did as it was. I wanted to build him up to it gradually. I don't want him so sore he misses a day if I can help it. But he had other ideas and went totally stubborn on Travis. Like I said, Rowdy is strong as a ox, moving him when he doesn't want to move is like moving a brick wall. Travis better get much more practice on how to be parental like if he ever wants children or they're gonna walk all over him. LOL That's why I took over and just was no nonsense, we were going back home period. Good thing too, if we'd gone any further I'm not sure he'd been able to make it home.

    Maggie was a little inspiration for him too. She just adores him. No clue why really. Not like they've spent much time together. I wanted to ease him into it and make sure he was feeling ok first. She was super excited to take a 2nd walk with him. (we walked her and Molly first) She was wiggling and wagging all over the place. She'd go up and lick his face and sort of nudge him. If he got slower she'd lie down and wait on him, once he reached her she'd do the super excited thing again. If he stopped, she'd go back and check on him every single time. He does seem to enjoy her, although he doesn't show the slightest inclination to play at this point.

    That's why I wanted them walking together. She's too energetic in the yard......well, at times down right hyper. On the walk she has to mind her manners to a certain extent. Let's them socialize doing something fun together without her trying to climb all over him.

    I'm going out in the morning anyway, so I'll be picking up his aspirin. I hope it helps.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh, and like I said...........Rowdy doesn't play like Molly does. He never really learned how. He did used to play with the squirrels, and they had a game going for years. But I haven't seen him do that in a year or so now. Walks are his biggest fun thing to get to do. Other than that.......well he enjoys being brushed and loved on. That's about it. So walks are a huge deal to him, always have been.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Make sure it is ENTERIC (COATED) aspirin.....(um look who I'm telling) the genius nurse. lol.....but still - just not taking chances with my furnephew. NOT baby aspirin either......ENTERIC aspirin.

    And if you dip a butter knife into a jar of peanut butter, then put the pills on the counter - touch the peanut butter like you're dabbing the knife on top of the pills and take the knife over to the pups mouth hold it out and then put the blade IN his mouth? He'll open it and then rake it across the top teeth - and pull back......VOILA - instant pill giver. They have to lick and swallow to get the pnut butter off the roof of their mouth and hence swallow the pills like magic.