Well easy child made me feel ...

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    a little bad. We got the bill today from the ambulance ride earlier in the month. Let us just say ouch. I am really hoping insurance covers most of it. But I was taking it out to husband and talking about it when she popped out of her room. She saw the bill in hand with her name on it.

    She made the comment she would help pay for it. :smile: I looked at her and said nope. Not your responsibility. She goes but it was my ambulance ride (as if she was joy riding). I said again nope insurance will pay for some and then dad and I will take care of it.

    I know money is always tight for us. But dang if that beautiful frustrating child didn't make me want to hand her the world. And no I don't think she was trying to get something out of me she just is that way.

    What a kid.

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    ANY sense of responsibility on their part is a milestone - dont let it make you feel bad Beth. Personally? I'd rather they offer something than to have Borderline (BPD) traits and fell NOTHING -

    My son called me two weeks ago talking about cars and said he was trying to make enough money working at a diner as a busboy to afford a car that would let me drive to Ohio and back for Christmas. - I said and you'd be getting me that Dodge Charger or my Toyota Tundra then? - Then I got - "Gosh Mom you're kinda picky I can't afford THAT."

    Thinking - when I do get a new car we had thought (very little) about saving my SUV for him - and he said "Well I appreciate it, but what I really wanted was a ......" and you think OH YEAH - fine go get 3 jobs and get what you want.

    Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to let her pitch in on some housework to let her think she's paying you back.

    Just a thought, but I do know how you feel.

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    That's an excellent easy child you have there...I'm jealous.
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    Hugs for her and all of you. Nice, warm fuzzy hugs. It's a rare thing when you get a kid like that.
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    You know, I think you kinda needed that...;)