Well hmmm not sure what to make of this...


OK we had our session with difficult child 2 and his therapist. Mostly reviewing the "new" plan. Still not too happy about it but alas at this time nothing to do about it.

So right before she goes to get him after we had talked she says "If you were wanting to move difficult child 2 to another facility this might be a good time since we could put the spin on it that it is because former step sister is there and that it is not about his behavior."

She walked out to get difficult child 2 and husband and I looked at each other and went WHAT. Not that I hadn't been thinking different facility thoughts but why would she mention this.

So on the ride home after the session husband and I called social worker to talk about all of this. Told her of things she was not aware of and put the thought out there that we aren't opposed to the idea of a change for him (as we have had other problems). She is going to do some information gathering on some of the things we brought up. We will see how it goes about this. As we go to court for a review in two weeks I am sure things will be handled very efficiently.

She did ask us where we thought about him going (as if we have the list of facilities at our beck and call). We did mention in eight months going to the boys house of the facility difficult child 1 is in when she gets out. Otherwise I don't know what else is available. I don't know if they put those places online for me to find but I will be a looking over the next couple of days.

What a day.



call 911........call 911

Ummmm WHAT? They want to move him because he's been good, and step sis is there? And that's going to help...how? Same abusive Mom? Misery loves company? Maybe so.


Go to Google, Type in IOWA Residential Treatment Center (RTC), Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), Childrens psychiatric hopsitals, BOYS homes, GROUP HOMES, CHRISTIAN GROUP HOMES FOR TEENS, there is a list. Call your governors office or local DSS and ask them for a list.

Sorry....I'm confused, it's not my day to think. Oh and I'm so pityful...YOUR more confused than I am. hahah. Not your day either.

Have you seen this facility? What do you think?



I have been tired of this facility that he is in a long time. Bio mom is not allowed to have contact with him so this is a challenge wih step sister being there that she has contact with.