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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Loony Smurf, Sep 25, 2007.

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    hello everybody, i havent been here in ages. funny tho, the term IEP was said yesterday and i immediately thought of this place lol.

    so i'll spare the updates for later....i have a specific question this time.

    my 8 yr old boy is in 3rd grade now...and his teacher's pretty desperate lol...and honestly so am i. he's a basket case, cant focus on anything except his nintendo, and heaven forbid anyone mess with that cause he gets massively violent. at school he's not doing any work, wont even do the placement tests, wont stay in his seat...same things he did last year and his teacher just gave up. somehow he learned by osmosis anyway so she just let him be. this year that's not going to work, and with the issues i'm having at home with him also...well lol. the first week of school i was in for a meeting with the resource teacher, the gifted/talented teacher and his regular teacher. 2 principal call, the school psychologist and every couple days from the teacher...everybody's frustrated. so the teacher (she wasnt supposed to tell me this and actually called me at 9 last night to make sure i didnt let on that she told me) suggested that it's time for me to insist on IEP testing. I agree. they gave me that 'he has to be working 2 years below grade level to require testing' load of bull, but where he was still ahead of his class i let it go last year.

    my question is this: he has a psychiatric evaluation scheduled next week. ADHD medications made no difference on his symptoms besides the horrid rebound, and it's time to dig a little deeper. Should i wait to get the evaluation results first so i can have something solid to put in the letter requesting the IEP? or should i get that started now and let the IEP team come to their own conclusions without the psychiatrist's input?
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    in my opinion I would not wait for the evaluation. By the time you get to an actual IEP meeting you will probably have the results of the evaluation and can present them at that time. I think you need to get the ball rolling now though, because sometimes it can take awhile to all the paperwork together. Just based on class room behavior they should be able to give him an IEP, despite what "grade level" he is on.
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    Welcome back.

    I would submit an IEP request in writing to the Special Education director, principal and teacher. If you can e-mail as well so you will get a response back from them and make a file for your child with any e-mails or written communication from the school.

    It takes up to 90 days to complete an IEP. You can always add the evaluation results latter, but get the IEP rolling now. I was lucky in AZ they have 15 days from the time I request the IEP to start the process. The process is long. They observe your child for a couple of days in the classroom. Then they are tested at school for hearing and sight. You need to fill out a questionaire on your child. Then the real testing begins.

    If you aren't getting anywhere, go directly in person to the Special Education director. I did this and signed the consent to evaluate and the school psychologist was in his room the next day. Good luck and dont let them feed you any BS!!
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    Hi Loony Smurf!!!

    Can't help you with your question but just wanted to say it sure is nice to see you!

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    I wouldn't wait for the IEP either.

    I would go to the principal and tell them that he CAN NOT absolutely function in school and you demand they get him an in-home or homebound teacher. The district pays for her, we had one and it was a GODsend. She would come 5 days a week from 9-12 or 1ish. The days she had stuff going on she came later or didn't come but it got difficult child motivated, concentrated, and they could take breaks and used allowing him to ride his bike for say 10 minutes if he did what she asked him to for 30.

    Make it happen warrior mom! :sword: