Well Im gonna have to sue the car dealer

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    The other day my Pacifica - that I just bought on 8/13 - completely stopped running while I was driving into town. I barely managed to turn into the driveway of the local health dept. I couldnt even get it up into the parking lot area. It was dead. The engine light was on. It was obvious the electrical part was working because I could put the windows up and down okay.

    Well later after it cooled off I was able to drive it into a parking space until I could get someone to follow me to take it to the people I bought it from. I am supposed to have a warranty for 6 months or 6000 miles. Well I took it to the car dealer last night. This afternoon I went there to tell them what was wrong with the car and they told me the warranty doesnt cover anything like that. It doesnt cover the engine or the part that is messed up...the engine coils. We have one of those machines that read out the codes when the engine light comes on. The parts cost about 150 if you shop around for them.

    They completely denied any liability. So then I pulled out my carfax and told them they had lied to me when they told me that the car had never been wrecked, wasnt salvaged, wasnt a flood car and had never been restructured. Well I have proof it has been. The idiot owner told me I should have been able to see that just by looking. They said they dont use carfax. I told them they didnt need to use the carfax because I had found out that they were the people who went and bought the car from the salvage yard in VA when the insurance company for that owner totaled it out. Then I showed them that the title had been sold to someone in July about one month before I bought it. See, it showed where the car dealer had bought the car and put in their name and then it showed that someone had bought the car the beginning of July and had it put in their name. It was sitting on their lot on 8/13 when I bought it. Obviously someone else brought it back!

    The owner is refusing to do anything. He wont fix my car and he wont give me my money back. He asked me what would make me happy. I told him there were three choices. One he could just take the car back, give me my money back and all would be over. He could give me half my money back and I would keep the car. I had another dealer tell me that the car would have been worth no more than 4K when I bought it and that would have been if I didnt have the issue with the hood being off track and the problem I had originally with the door and window locks. Or the final choice is I am going to sue him and I will get my money back. He said he wouldnt do anything.

    I will go get the car tonight when its cool and Tony can follow me in case it cuts off again.

    I went to the dollar store and bought white shoe polish and have written all over my old dark grey truck...DONT BUY FROM DOBB'S THEY LIE. Or DONT BUY FROM DOBBS MOTORS THEY COMMIT FRAUD. People were watching me in the parking lot as I was writing all over the car and cheering me on...lol. They cant do a darn thing to me because its true. I will remove the writings if they give me my money.

    Oh and a few weeks ago we found out this car dealer and a local lawyer were arrested by the feds. We didnt know why until the lawyers brother went into Billy's store today and told him...lol. Trafficking cocaine. I will bet the lawyer was the money and this car dealer brought the stuff in with his cars. Might be why my door panel was not on correctly!

    So the fight is on!
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    Go Get Em!!

    Go ahead and sue them for the money, towing fees, aggravation, and pain/suffering. All the stress has to be giving you migraines and pain flares, it is what happens. This is crazy and there are laws about it. Heck, call the cops and see if they want to go over the car to see if they are still bringing in drugs and can tell by how the car is damaged. Sometimes they find more counts of crimes and more hiding places if they look over cars that are later sold after the charges are filed. That alone can be worth more than the cost of the car to smart drug dealing car guys. A friend got a used car and found that her dealer was charged wth drug smuggling. She was able to get a brand new car from the dealer by threatening to go to the cops and show how they used her car to smuggle drugs (door panel was scratched and so was a part underneath that her mechanic found and showed her after she bought it) so they could add more charges to him and the guy gave her a car iwth under 100 miles on it to shut her up.
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    Janet, when I worked for the newspaper in Florida we had a gentleman pull up in front of the building and park. He had actually taken about a dozen real lemons and threaded them on his radio antenna and he had big yellow lemon-shaped signs on the sides of the car with a warning that a certain used car dealer was dishonest and sold bad cars. He had a similar sign that he was holding as he walked up and down the sidewalk waving at people! He kept it up until a reporter came out and talked to him and a photographer took his picture!

    My son and his friend work on cars a lot and the friend had bought an old car at the auction that he thought they could fix up and resell. They took the dash off to check something with the wiring and a big gallon-size Ziplock bag full of drugs fell out on the floor! The friends wife is a police officer so they gave the drugs to her to dispose of. But you just never know ...
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    Janet- before you sue - I would contact the PD and the DA. This sounds like criminal fraud and just the initial inquiry from the law may compel the dealer to issue a refund.
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    Ford did the same thing to us. Yes, FORD! husband had to get a lawyer and it took two years to get the difference between the new car that we paid for, and the USED car they sold us. We had the proof in our hands and they could care less! The lawyer took a third, we got nothing extra. Janet.....this car dealership knows what they did and doesn't care a bit. I hope they're still in business in 2 years or you will be SOL. They know what they can get away with, that's why even Ford didn't care, it's no big deal to them. It's no skin off their back. They know the laws, not even the lemon law is applicable here, I looked into this. (Why am I writing slanted suddenly)
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    I would take Signorina's suggestion as a first step.
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    good luck. I'm cheering for you.
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    Janet, the stuff you do cracks me up!!!!

    Other than that, I'm sorry you were cheated and am in your cheering section. What a load of crapola!!!
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    I am going to go to the police. I was going to call them while my car was still on their lot but I was afraid they would damage it after hours.

    I do believe this is an actual criminal offense because it is considered Fraud in inducement. I have researched this and read where other people have gotten convictions against illegal dealers. It would be one thing if I had bought it from an individual but buying from a dealer is supposed to give you some leverage. I even made them give me a 6 month warranty when they only normally give 3 months. Well no wonder it didnt matter to them, they dont honor them!
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    Having the police go after them would be much better than doing it yourself.