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    isn't the man I thought he was. Remember the problem I had with the washing machine's cold water valve spraying all over the place? It appears that his handyman fixed it by turning off the cold water supply altogether. That would be fine if I was too stupid to realize that the only water coming out is hot and when I turn off the hot water valve, no water comes out at all, except for one thing- the machine only uses cold water to rinse.

    And the old landlord.....the owner's rep says she's going to sue me to get the money to replace the wood floors in the entire house. WTH??

    I'm supposed to be doing laundry this morning and purchasing furniture this afternoon to be moved in by next Sat so I can go see difficult child next Sun. and go out of town for work next Mon.- that's assuming the tire I have to get replaced and the new one that was ordered comes in and gets accomplished mid-week. I'm afraid to go thru with purchasing furniture at this point. I'm sick and tired of wasting time on koi that is caused by stuff like this.

    Can I just scream now?
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    I am plugging my ears. Let it rip! DDD
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    Go for it! I've got my earplugs in anyways (difficult child's ya know). I REALLY hope, pray, pretzel, yada yada yada that your these next couple weeks work out the way they should!!!
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    And now the darn knob that controls the settings for the WM fell off- and it looks like it wasn't meant for this machine to begin with- so no wonder I couldn't tell what it was set on. Rental property in this area must just be planned to be one big rip-off. I'd rather live in a hotel than to go thru this again. I suppose if he comes over and jury-rigs this again and I move, I'll have to forfeit all this deposit, too?? What a flippin joke.
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    Scream away. I once served my landlord papers via my lawyer to evict myself due to intolerable living conditions.... It worked. Stuff got fixed pronto, no more issues with handymen who didn't have a clue or care what they were doing either. Seems had I gone through and evicted myself, they'd have had to return the deposit and could not charge me for the remainder of the lease.

    You might want to check into something like that.
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    I emailed landlord, he called, we talked, and he said he had tried to get someone to come out today to help but can't so asked my hours at work this week and on Sat and told me if I needed to go to the local laundromat, he would reimburse me. I told him if I could get these two loads of wash done today, I could survive the week (barely) and would be happy if he'd get this done on Sat., if it really works then and is dependable because I'd hoped to purchase furniture today and have it delivered on Sat. so I'd planned to be home then anyway. He said he would accommodate that and if he could get someone to do it in the evening this Mon-Fri, he'd get back with me. He says he plans to replace both the water valve and the washing machine. OK, I guess if he backs this up and there are no more issues, that would put him back in my good graces. I just can't live any longer with one problem after another- too many years of difficult child life, I guess.
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    here's hopin'! Moving is such a stressful thing difficult child-life or no so I sure hope things settle down for you. Do you think you can fight the paying for the floor thing? or is that settled?
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    OH, I'm definitely going to fight it and have every right to.
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    Star* call 911........call 911


    after your last rental......and nightmare? You posted about needing information on getting advice for moving into a new place or was it -----how to not do this again. Not sure. But whatever the case....there was a ton of good information from all of us in that post about things like

    TAKING PICTURES OF THE ENTIRE APARTMENT BEFORE moving in - of each room, windows, doors, locks, screens.........etc.....every appliance condition noted - and handing a list of the same to the landlord after it had been notarized. While you are NOT in fact liable for damage caused by this faulty faucet - and probably are like me and do NOT have the money to have a legal department or person go over your lease or rental agreement (providing you DO have that?) and I swear I will scream if you dont......I think before you really have more headaches than a bottle of tequila will cure??? Take CARE of yourself and find someone that for $20 bucks will go over your lease and provide YOU with covering your back on these things -

    I've told you before I have lived like this - I won't do it again......I moved 44 times in ELEVEN years....I know what I'm talking about and got my deposit(s) back.....if there was one. I would write - BURN Hole on carpet - chip in brick stoop, crack in side walk, stain on driveway, grass missing, mailbox post crooked, gutter hanging, screen torn.......I went about the property as if I MADE MONEY finding things that were wrong.....and then typed out the list - and took pictures...back then? No computers, NO digital cameras......and NO one took me to court or EVER told me I had to pay for a floor when THEIR flippin washing machine broke and went haywire -----We even had a house flood and.......one burned to the ground.......and never paid for a single shingle. It happens - it's called YOU BETTER be insured. Nature happens. Accidents happen. True - this washer deal; not an 'Act of God', but also no fault of yours. - and the more things you can prove to a court, are MINOR repairs but liveable......yet 'run down' the better off you are going to be with your landlord in 'do not tread on me'.

    Even carpet worn......oven not clean.....musty smell.......you name it - you see it? YOU WRITE IT DOWN......

    Fight it sure - but please get your ducks in a row. Re read the post where everyone gave you all that property advice. I even took notes from others.

    Hugs - don't get angry - don't get upset - TAKE ACTION - and as far as him paying for laundry? Yeah - well ------DON"T be so accomodating.......You're behaving as if this was YOUR fault and "it's okay.....I'll be allright....PHOOEY......Stop acting like a door mat - BE ANGRY - BE A WARRIOR TENANT MY SISTER!" YOU HAVE RIGHTS - exercise them......Doesn't mean you are a B - means you aren't going to take any more **** - and besides - you can't take any more **** - you have no place to wash your jeans if you did wipe your hands on your pants.
    Nuf Sed -
    NOW.....START BEHAVING LIKE MYYYYYYYYYYYY SISTER and get out there.......make your list and put HIM at the top of it.

    HUGS and EMPOWERMENT! - ahemeeeeeeeeem

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    Sometimes the landlord doesn't know that the repairman has done a lousy job fixing something unless you tell them. And they don't want to pay someone good money to do shoddy work on their property. My landlord and I have sort of an agreement - I don't bother him with the small, picky stuff and he hasn't raised my rent in eight years! But when I have told him about things that needed to be fixed, he had it done right away, and if I tell him that it wasn't done right, he has them keep coming back until it is!

    But for the life of me, I can't figure out what they thinkyou could have done to damage a wood floor so badly that it had to be REPLACED! I can see how a careless tenant might scratch it badly enough where it had to be refinished but completely replaced ... no way!
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    .......and take Donna's advice.......and be somewhere in the middle of Donna and my advice. I'm just on a doughnut today.
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    Thanks, Ladies! As far as the last place, I did take photos but I sent them to difficult child then apparently lost them all from my camera- or maybe I downloaded them to the computer that went out on me- all I know is that I can't locate them now and can't remember when my last computer went out on me. I think what is happening is that the owner's agent, who is a realtor that had tried to sell the property but couldn't so she talked the owner into renting it out, and the owner, who had lived at this place and apparently that was the first house she'd ever bought so she was quite attached to it, are spurring each other on and blaming me for everything that has gone wrong with their arrangement. When the water leaked into the utility room, the owner wouldn't hire a professional but brought her boyfriend and father over instead to find the cause. It came out during that visit that there had previously been major water leakage problems throughout the house that resulted in the need for extensive renovation. Apparently, the father and boyfriend did the majority of that renovation. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but without the involvement of any professional when water is leaking and causing tthat much damage to a nearly 100 yr old house, you don't always get the problem remedied in a way that prevents further leakage. And when you plan on selling the place shortly afterwards, the tendency is to put in stuff that looks good for a short period of time but isn't high quality or the most feasible for long term use.

    The water did stop coming into the utility room for months after my initial experience with it, then it started back again. To the best of my knowledge, no one has been in the crawl space to see if there is water in there. If there is, the moisture could be coming into the house and speeding up deterioration of the floor finish. All I know is that the finish was coming off in some areas and it did appear to be prematurely deteriorating. However, I don't think it was a result of anything I did or didn't do. The owner's agent tried to accuse me of scrubbing the floor with something abrasive that caused this. I never did any such thing.

    I had noted on my 'move-in' report that the floors showed signs of wear and tear, which they did and the owner's rep never disputed that. I'm sure her photos that she took to list the property and advertise it don't show those areas though. There is a rug the owner had left that the dogs peed on and it left a very dark spot on the floor below once I rolled it up. I acknowledged that and said I'd take responsibility for the rug (which was used when it was left) and that area of wood floor beneath it, but that by no means that the owner is going to get wood flooring replaced throughout the entire 2-story house on my ticket. The rep said we'd be headed to court. Well, ok, I guess we'll see how it turns out. But the past couple of months, every time it has rained water has ended up in the utility room with no sign of it coming from the exterior walls. If it's running thru the interior walls or from above around a window or something, I'd bet money it has gotten in the flooring and that's the problem. Still, the floors don't look all that bad right now, the finish is just starting to deteriorate. And I don't see how that could be a tenant's responsibility to pay for anyway. It's kind of like paint on the wall- it needs repainting periodically so don't blame the tenant.

    As far as this place, I did take photos all over the day I got the keys and was waiting for utility people. Also, I made sure that within 24 hours of moving in, I had emailed the owner about the appliances. Before I signed the lease, and I had asked to review it, one of the things I asked him to add was that he would repair or replace any malfunctioning appliance (either current or in the future) within a reasonable amount of time at no cost to me, unless it was a result of my own action. He hasn't said the first word to indicate that he's blaming this on me. He did bring the addendum to me that clearly stated the things I'd ask him to include. So, so far, if he's a sleazy landlord, it's because he didn't check out a single appliance before renting this place out and is trying to make 20 yr old appliances last 25 years when they are beyond hope. But I'm not completely convinced just yet that he's a slum lord or trying to rip me off- although I'm reserving the right to stay on the fence with that until I see if he really just gets this stuff fixed once and for all within the next week.

    I sincerely hope it works out- I now have purchased and plan to have delivered to me on Sat....drum roll..... a sofa, recliner, and dinette set!!! YIPPEE!!! Going over a year without 'real' furniture to sit on or a 'real' table was about all that I could stand. It might not be the most stable time and therefore feasible time to buy furniture, but I simply couldn't take it anymore. And I put that lawn chair out on the patio- where it belongs!
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    I don't have advice, but want to send you my sympathy. I have had a lot of horrible landlords. We finally found one we REALLY like. Hub does all repairs himself. The less we see of even a nice landlord, the more we like it and the more it seems to us as if it is our home.
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    I am not experienced with landlords so maybe my suggestion is nuts, lol. But, if "he" doesn't have time in his schedule can't you agree to meet people at your convenience and have him foot the bill for the repairs (making sure that there is no misunderstanding that it is his responsibility). ?? DDD
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    The last apartment husband and I had before we bought the house had a LOT of problems.

    The two biggest - MOLD... Had been cleaned and painted over, took 2 rainstorms to show up again. We bleached the window sills. We cleaned. We finally, after requesting they fix it, and they didn't? Took them 2 copies of a letter that stated that until it was fixed, we would be placing the money for rent in an escrow account with the state, beginning with the next rent payment (which was in 2 weeks). Had them sign one copy for us to keep.

    They were in 2 days later. Replaced the window, flashing & everything. No more mold issues.

    The other issue - Onyxx was taking a bath and the drain VANISHED. Literally. Big old rusty hole. We called, and they had already had one scare from us... They gave us a key to the nearest vacant apartment for showers and replaced the tub. In 2 days.
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    Step, I think there is more of a mold issue in that house, too- more than just the mold that showed up on a cardboard box in the utility room. It doesn't have CHA and I think my allergies, difficulty breathing and sleeping had more to do wioth just unfiltered air- it had to do with nothing being able to dry out in the house and mold. Remember that the owner also wanted an estimate for window replacement? There's no way anyone could pin that on me- she knows there is aa moisture problem.

    I'll give this landlord until Sat, which I agreed to. So far he has backed up his word on things- it's just the aggravation from carpy appliances that are too old to still be in use. Everything else, I'm happy with so far.
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    Actually, he just now called and said he was having someone come by tomorrow evening to swap washing machines with the empty TH next door. I asked him if he could go ahead and swap the dryer too since it's so noisy and he's going to get back to me on that. He said the guys tomorrow will check the cold water valve and see if it needs to be replaced- I swear, I think he really forgot that this is part of the problem, it's not just the washer. I can deal with an older, busy, forgetful, hard-of-hearing older man though, as long as he's honest and makes a good faith effort to be reasonable.