Well, Janet???????

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    Eager for an update on your appointments. Hugs DDD
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    Me too!!! Update please. You know we worry.

  3. DammitJanet

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    Whew.....Okay... I am finally home!

    I had a wonderful time having dinner with my old therapist and now wonderful friend and we talked and talked. Felt wonderful to get a ton of stuff out there and she even bought me dinner...lol.

    Ok...now doctors. Yesterday I saw my family doctor and he said I definitely have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). We cultured my sores and we are 90% certain they are MRSA so are treating as such. Thankfully the medication that will treat the MRSA will also treat the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I just have to be on it for 28 days if it is MRSA, if not, only 14. They also had me get some stuff from the drug store with lidocaine and something else in it to wash the areas. I am also now on Lactulose for being full of $hit...lol. I think we all knew I always was that but now I have that diagnosis...lmao. Seriously, with all the medications I take I have a very difficult time with that end of things. It doesnt want to happen. I have to take two tablespoons a day of this stuff until something happens and then I take one a day from then on. I never thought this would be an issue but otc stuff simply wasnt doing anything. Even using miralax along with carters little pills didnt do anything! Keep me in your prayers...or maybe keep my septic system in your prayers...lol. Maybe that is why I am not losing any weight.

    Now psychiatrist. I understand why he closed his practice, I really do. He was an one doctor/owner proprietor. He had to pay his staff, overhead, malpractice insurance, plus hope he made money. He took medicare/medicaid patients and regular insurance. However a very large part of his practice was medicare/medicaid. The government has just cut payments on those programs. Medicaid now pays 5 dollars per patient for psychiatrists. Now he is a salaried doctor working for a group that is under contract with the hospital system. Better for him. At least he wanted his patients to follow him. He had an offer to go work for the Army but he couldnt have taken his private patients with him so he turned them down.

    I dont think I will like this clinic as well because they dont allow him to do the every three month appointments like we had been doing. I have to go every month. I dont like that. But I will deal. There were quite a few of my psychiatrists patients in the lobby today who were quite upset and some VERY vocal. It really is probably not a good thing to confuse and upset the mentally unstable...lol. They were getting loud and obnoxious and some were getting upset when I got called in. One poor lady kept asking me how I got in there. I told her that I called the office to make an appointment when I found out that the other place closed. We were both from Lumberton and both found out the same day. The difference was she freaked out and just showed up at the clinic demanding to be seen and I had called to make an appointment. She didnt get the difference so when I was called back before her she started to freak out. I have learned a bit about the old vinegar and honey thing along the way.

    I did have one good laugh though. They were asking me these questions in a psychiatric evaluation type of thing..new practice and all...and one of the questions was ....have you ever thought about hurting or killing yourself or anyone else? I laughed hard and told the lady that yes and that this was really not the week to ask me that question!
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    Well good for you for following rules. It paid off! so did they give you any temporary medications to deal with your wanting to hurt and kill brother in law?
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    Well for the most that is decent news...at least your medical needs are being met. :)
    You could always be me and misread the directions for chocolate ex lax...
    that got me going....and then some. I was sick for 2 days! Bleck.
    i love how honest you were with that pysche question, I usually dodge that one....like -- um, no, not lately? Haha.
    What about yahoo? What is he up to?
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    So glad you got in to see both the fam doctor and the psychiatrist. Awesome!

    Hmm. Wonder how long moocher will hang around if he thinks you have MRSA? :rofl: :rofl:
  7. Shari

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    Ahhhh.....there's our Janet. Little more relaxed and with some answers....:winnersmiley:


    Glad it was a decent day for you.

    Now I'm going to go scour the news sites and hope I find the story where Bucky wasn't Lucky and got hit by a trucky.... or got a new trucky that hauled him off....or stucky in the mucky....or whatever...
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    That's a relief, and everything is treatable! A lot of doctors are having the same problems as your p-doctor. $5 a patient, that's unbelievable to me. Scare Bucky with MRSA, tell him how he can get it just by breathing in the same air that you do, or any any other made-up scary nonsence- tell him you definately have it.
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    glad to hear everything is treatable AND you "sound" good! Keep on plugging......Hugs.

  10. DammitJanet

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    You know what really has me ticked off now? Tony told Buck that I got the laxative and that I am mixing it in with my little cups of applesauce (that is the directions-take in either a sweet drink or mix with some dessert item, I picked applesauce). I find it horribly embarrassing that he knows that I am taking this stuff because every couple of hours he asks me if it is working yet. Ugh. Why Tony would do that is beyond me. If he was taking something embarrassing I wouldnt tell. Maybe I should make it up. I have been letting Tony take my ketoprofen which comes in little blue pills. Maybe I should say something about him taking those little blue pills ie viagra!
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    I am glad you had good appts and a wonderful chat with your friend. I hope you can find things you like about this new practice. It may be that the psychiatrists there must see patients every 30 days so that the clinic turns some type of profit. He sounds like a truly wonderful doctor and psychiatrist, one that truly cares about his patients and not just when they are right in front of him for that appointment. While our military needs good docs, I am so happy he did not go with them and stayed where you can see him. A change in psychiatrists right now would NOT bode well for anyone in your area, esp Buck.

    As for the MRSA, this is NOT something you can mess around with. Is the soap a pink liquid called hibiclens? It seems to be the heavy hitter that the docs use now. If they didn't say it, given that these are sores, it might help to let the soap stay on your skin for 5 min before you rinse it off. This can stop the spread. A good thing is that hibiclens seems to be quite gentle on the skin.

    MRSA is scary. If you get a significant temperature, ANY other signs of infection, etc... you get your tushie to the ER ASAP or at the least (which I mention here because I know you are stubborn), call the nurse hotline or the dr's after hours number. When I had the cellulitis in my leg it was a LOT worse than any of us kne wit could be. I found out after I was sent home that the doctor figured if I waited another day the BEST result I could hope for was to have the injured tissue cut out - a big ole piece of my thigh would have been removed. More likely would be either amputation or death.

    We love you so much and we do NOT want to lose you. Not after that awful bout of meningitis. PLEASE tell your menfolk that this is as serious as the meningitus was, and that if you don't follow the dr's instructions the results could be really, really awful.

    I hope the medications work fast for both MRSA and the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

  12. Hound dog

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    Ok. WTH? Obviously his bro does NOT bring out the best in him.

    Or maybe he was afraid bro would do the whole guy thing and sit on the toilet for 2 hrs and you might not be able to get him out so you can use it??

    Nothing embarrasses me. And I do mean NOTHING. Good thing too as in the early years of our marriage husband had a nasty habit of sticking his foot in his mouth on a regular basis.
  13. hearts and roses

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    Glad to hear you're on track with the psychiatrist, etc.

    Why is Buck still there? And why is Tony being such a butthead? I agree-tell BOTH of them they may catch the mrsa! Give yourself a little break, yeesh. Big hugs!
  14. DammitJanet

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    I have a theory that Tony actually is enjoying having his brother around him because he hasnt had this in years. Especially since Buck has always been very troubled and now he has stopped all the drugging and drinking. Well, to me, he is still just as obnoxious as ever because he didnt do that around me anyway and I just got the nagging, constant belittling talk, the talk that was stuck on one subject. OMG...he is an aspie!

    I have this feeling that he has already lost his job and had before he ever came down to see us. I am not entirely convinced that this house he claims to have even exists or that he still has it or expected to have it after January 1st. That would make it very convenient to come down here and nest with us. He would know that the girls family would send her back or if not, let her stay with them. That may have been there plan to just move down here permanently.

    Like Tony has told me, if Buck wants to move a trailer down here onto this land he can. Now at first I was really freaking out about that but I am starting not to freak as much because I dont think he can buy anything when he doesnt even have enough money to fix his car. They have yet to figure out exactly what is wrong with it and so it is beginning to look like whatever it is, is going to be the more expensive things like computers or something along those lines. If its that, he will never be able to do it. When Billy suggested just just taking it to the junk yard to get the money to go home and save up for another car because his other brother Van can really find good cars cheap, he said he cant do that because he still owes money on this car! omg. This car is a 1983 that he paid $1500 and his preacher sold it to him. Its a POS. That tells you something. As I said to Tony...case closed.
  15. buddy

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    OH janet... time to scratch the rash... then go give them BOTH big hugs an massage their necks and hold their hands.... LOL (You wll have to do some vomit control, are you good at dissociating from awful/traumatic events??) I know it sounds mean but I think it would be ok to be typhoid janet right now. (my fantasy for you.... )

    I agree, he lost his job and is just using you. I bet he doesn't owe on the car...just another lie. And what difference does it make...if it is dead it is dead... he can still sell for scrap and work to pay off the car then save for a new one... it is all an excuse to get a free place to live and free food.
  16. DDD

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    I don't know how much of a "scare" your MD gave you but GFGmom picked that infection up a year ago and it did not go away quickly. She had to be supervigilant with sharing towels, sheets etc. and lost her parttime job at a nursing home in fear it would spread. Don't take it lightly. Protect yourself and the others around you. GFGmom even slept on overlay sheets to make sure her SO didn't pick it up. Sigh.

    On a brighter note I am delighted you got to speak freely with someone you trust. That's worth a mint.
    Hugs. DDD
  17. DammitJanet

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    The doctor did ask me about if Tony possibly had any sores or could have them but we dont have intimate contact anymore in that area. (Blush) Because of my pain issues, things havent been conducive to things like that for quite some time. Guess that is a good thing right now. doctor felt because of that, he was safe. I also sleep in sleep pants and I wash all my clothes separately. Tony and I dont share blankets. He has his blanket and I have mine because we are both blanket hogs. He rolls up in a burrito at night and pulls the blankets off me so I just have my own that I can keep on me. That is a good idea though to put a extra sheets on under and over me so I dont have to wash the other ones continuously.
  18. jal

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    I am sorry you are having to deal with this on top of everything else. I just wanted to caution too that MRSA is nothing to fool around with. My mother in law contracted it in the nursing home she was staying in after back surgery last year in December. It is on the bottom of her foot and still over 1 year later not has not completely closed up and healed. It is also HIGHLY contagious.

    I hope your cultures come back negative...
  19. HaoZi

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    Any way you could sneak a little of that ExLax into Buck's food/drinks/medications?
  20. DammitJanet

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    Well if I hadnt already taken the bottle into my room today I would have sworn he tried to use it on me today.

    I got up this morning and went out to the kitchen to fix me some drink and see if there was anything for me to make to eat. I actually have some microwave pancakes. Yes I realize I am lazy. Well he was in there saying he was making pancakes. He had a bowl with what looked like pancake batter in it. He asked if I wanted any and I said sure. I mean how can anyone screw up pancakes right? Especially someone who has supposedly worked as a cook for years and is almost 60 years old.

    Well he brings me this plate with two mushy things on it and a bottle of pancake syrup. They didnt even remotely taste or look like pancakes. They were so grainy and yucky. You would have thought a 5 year old had made them. I took one bite and hid them in my bathroom. There is no way he could ever be a cook again. He must have killed every brain cell he ever had with drugs. I mean who cant cook a pancake? The only reason I buy frozen ones is that I want something really easy and quick for the mornings when I get up and need to take my medications. I have frozen pancakes and frozen bacon. Its easier than cleaning a pan.