Well not how I hoped the week would end


So the daughter failed a drug test a month ago. She then tested clean 2 weeks later. We suspected she had smoked weed again since then as I saw signs of her having snuck out of the house. She had a random test this past Thursday at therapy and she invalidated it. 2nd time she has invalidated a test. So I bought a home test, watched her pee in the cup and sure enough she failed it. She was told the first time she failed it that after she tested clean if she failed another she would be moved to her grandparents 45 minutes away and I would report her to the youth courts as a difficult teen and she would go on probation. I'm still dead serious about doing this. However, I don't think my in laws are and they are the ones that suggested her living with them if she failed another drug test.

She has been in partial in patient therapy for 14 weeks now. While she had no contact with her friends she was great. Once school started and she was in contact with her friends all our problems began again and we're actually worse than when we put her in therapy at the end of last school year. One minute she says she wants to do better and the next minute she says she wants to keep doing what she is doing now.


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Stick to your guns and report her. Grandparents may not follow through, but you need to in order to have any credibility.


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It's a hard decision to make. But you probably know that if you don't, and she lives with grandparents, they probably won't test her or even think she is using...

If you turn her in, will she have consequences and dome outside supervision by others?


If I report her, which I will do, she will go on probation with the youth courts and have to meet terms of her probation. Grand parents, actually would test her and know she is using. We have kept them informed on all of this. I still worry they will say no let's give her another chance. However this is 2 failed drug tests and 2 others she invalidated. Not to mention we found paraphernalia in her bedroom and a stash of something else(not 100% sure if it's weed or tobacco or both).


Stick to your guns while she is young. Good her Grandparents are mostly on board...hopefully they will not be manipulated by her.

Seems you have done all you can..great she has been caught too. Give them an inch...well, you know.