Well now I feel stupid..........

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    I was out on the front porch enjoying my morning coffee.

    Coming down the alley way from easy child's house I see a cat, at first I think it is her cat Simba. I think to myself, now why is he wandering this far? Simba is a scaredy cat and doesn't wander very far away from his yard. So I watch him. Then I notice he has white socks.

    Then I'm ticked. I'm trying to figure out how on earth Bruce managed to get out of the house and not mention actually off the porch (Bruce always wants outside although he's actually terrified to be outside from being a stray as a kitten)

    So I start calling him and doing the lil cat call I do. He responds and comes at a trot. So I keep calling him. He comes into the driveway. Now Bruce is always stubborn about going into the house unless I"m the one that goes to pick him up. As long as it's me he'll stand still, everyone else he runs. (I think I mentioned he's not too bright) So I go to pick him up......he darts away. Rinse and repeat about 5 times. By now I have a running commentary going on with him. How if he doesn't let me put him back inside he's going to find himself an outside cat super fast.

    I don't put up with animals running from me. My take is, you're my furbaby, you will be loved, well cared for, and spoiled. If you're too stupid to appreciate it by running off (especially repeatedly) then go for it. I don't do the chase and hunt deal.

    Miffed at him I told him fine, he could stay outside then! And he just sauntered off. I came in to give husband his morning medications.

    Bruce is lying on the kitchen table dozing.

    I think I need another large cup of coffee while I try to figure out where his clone came from. :mornincoffee:
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    Although I sort of knew where the story was headed, it still gave me a great belly laugh....picturing you trying to convince him to come indoors, his messing with you allowing you to believe he's yours...lol. Thanks for my morning chuckle. Our oldest dog is lazy, she's very loyal and would defend the house to death only. When we go out side she's the only one not required to be on a leash because she never strays. I can't tell you how many times I'd be in the house, hours later, calling her and she doesn't answer. I go into a panic, thinking I've somehow forgotten her outside. I try every call in my book, the whistling, nothing, search outside, look in the woods and into neighbors yards, ask H or easy child if they've seen her only to find her under my bed resting comfortably and looking at me as if I'm a maniac because I've disturbed her rest. This one is smart, but I think she's going deaf and because she's older, and like most elders, she feels she can do as she pleases. Hmph.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Actualy I think you deserve cookie. YOU (and knowing YOU) did NOT take in another stray. BRAVO.....waves cat nip bag of cat snacks in the air and congratulates you again.

    Whispers to others (OMG I had visions of Animal Planet hoarder in the back of my mind....nods)
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    At least it wasn't a raccoon! There's an eyeglass commercial here where a woman is calling her kitty in for the night and lets in a raccoon. So at least it's more coffee you need, and not new glasses :)
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    Well, I was trying to picture what would have happened if you DID get the other one inside and then saw that there were TWO of them!
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    I thought part of a cat's job description was to make people feel silly.
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    Keista, I love that commercial!!
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    LOL Star.

    I'd have been ticked had I managed to bring the Bruce twin inside to find I had two cats that looked alike. But I'd have not kept him inside. Bruce is the final inside cat. Never ever again. Litter box is enough deterrent for me, man I hate that thing with a passion.

    I've not seen the raccoon commercial, I'll have to watch for it.
  10. 1905

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    My friend has this ginnea pig in her house as a pet, and when her parents were visiting, he got out. This animal has it's own room, complete with a kings castle of a habitiat, a yellow plastic gerbil thing, in a crib, gigantic. I don't know why its it's in a crib, her only child is 15.

    So her dad found it in the basement and put it back in the habitiat. Later when she looked at it......it was not her guinea pig at all,he had put a RAT in the freaking habitat!!!!!
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    That's sweet! I liked the raccoon snuggling up on the bed to sleep at the end...
  13. Hound dog

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    OMG that's funny!!

    upallnight, omg! A rat! I don't think I'd want to see one that big, especially in the house!!
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    my uncles tell a story about how they came home from school one day, and found the cat...dead on the porch. The didn't want to upset my grandmother so they buried the cat and figured they would tell her about it later. Well, later that day, the kids all came in from playing outside and who do they see on the porch? The cat....not the one they buried, but their cat....very much alive. They never did figure out who's cat they buried~