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    I'm not really sure where to put this. It is difficult child related, but it's GOOD!
    A month ago difficult child's friend (who is in college and comes home on weekends) cancelled plans with him because he had to go back to school earlier than planned. difficult child was so angry/upset he threw his phone and broke it. Thank goodness I had a backup phone for him to use (but it's not fancy and unlimited like his old one was). I tried talking to him at that time, but of course there wasn't anything I could say that helped calm/placate him.
    Today difficult child's friend cancelled plans on him because he had homework to do and was going back to school early. difficult child said "you do what you have to do". When I told difficult child I was proud of how well he handled the disappointment he said "what else can I do? He needs to do his homework so he gets good grades" When I reminded him that a month ago he broke his phone because friend cancelled plans, he said "well I guess I'm growing up". He's right he is growing up, I just wish he'd take on some responsibilities to go with his maturity. One step at a time!
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    YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!! That is maturity and the fact that HE can say that, well, that's worth 100 steps.
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    That's amazing. So nice to see progress, right? Enjoy!
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    Wow, that's GREAT! Sometimes, I don't take things that well. :) Bravo.
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    It's not only nice when you see the progress, but it's great when they can recognize it as well!