Well, she got her bellybutton pierced

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    After much thought, kind wisdom from you guys, discussions with hub etc. we decided to allow daughter of 13 to get her one piercing, the bellybutton, because it's usually not seen and if it leaves a scar, well, it's her belly button, not her face. At the same time she went, her friend got her nose pierced. :tongue: These are NOT rebellious problem children, which is the reason I allowed it. Although hub and I are the final word, we always talk to our kids about decisions and she did make a good case for herself, insisting this was for fashion only and not at all a point of rebellion and that she is scared of "those kids." Plus she is hardly doing it for sexual reasons--she has no interest in sex and often says she wants to wait until she's married. Ugh. Hub and I decided her point was valid...she really is a good kid and we decided to allow it as long as she paid for it herself out of her babysitting money.

    So now my daughter has a pierced belly button. I am the proud mother of a daughter with a pierced belly button. Ain't we special? :faint:
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    Sometimes you have to bend a little, as long as it is in the right direction under the circumstances.

    I've had people criticise me and husband for lifestyle choices of our children, or similar. One bloke from our church who we also hired to do some work for us began to lecture me about easy child & BF1 (as he was then) living together; how, as Christian people, did we allow it?
    I told the guy (gently, because he is a friend even if he should n=know when to stay out of something) that easy child was old enough to live her own life and make her own choices, and that pushing BF1 to marry our daughter was not the way we wanted to go. When he proposed because HE was ready, was when we wanted it. HE had to want it, not be proposing just because we pushed him into it.

    It is like asking for an apology from someone - it's totally worthless if you have to ask for it. But freely offered, that is the right stuff.

    Several years later, the guy has stopped offering this kind of advice around town (it's a bit rich, coming from him anyway) and his own kids have reached THAT age when he has to make sure he's not throwing too many stones...

    I've seen this over the years. People form church, especially the men, who get righteous about another family and begin to lecture them about the morals of the daughter of the house (never the sons!) but who either don't notice their own daughtes sneaking out at night, or who when they DO notice, suddenly go silent on the topic.

    So if anyone criticises, jsut nod and smile. Then wait a few years...

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    LOL - My mom always makes faces when I tell her Onyxx has done something else to her hair, and about the pierced lip.

    But you know what? Some wise lady (that would be my mother) once told me to pick my battles.

    I'm saving my angst for something that really matters. Hair grows out, piercings can heal. NO TATTOOS, I draw the line there - and Onyxx knows it. (So does husband, which is good!!)

    And with my situation? Hair and piercings are nothing.
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    Well I have ALWAYS thought you were special - and now you have another GEM in your belly button to prove it! :tongue:

    How odd - I just put up my new avatar sporting my picture of my tongue piercing - lol. :tongue:
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    Daughter, who will be 18 in about two weeks, told me the first thing she is going to do is get her belly button pierced. Of course, I'm disappointed, but she'll 18 and I'll just have to get over it. Thing is, she has let all her ear piercings heal up! I will be surprised if she keeps it for long.

    She also talks about tattoos. I threw a fit and warned her about it being forever (At this point, anyway. Laser removal leaves scars), but utimately, if she does get one I'll have to get over that too.

    Well, you did what any good parent would do. You considered the child and the options and arrived at a decision that you feel comfortable with. She just needs to be sure to keep the area clean as to avoid infection.
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    I'm not particulary anal about piercings, depending on the child, of course. Tatooes, well, I can't stop her after she's 18, but I won't pay or sign permission. That's something in my opinion an adult has to decide because it's so hard to get them off once they're there. She knows I wont' allow her to butcher her face with my signature of approval.