Well, sheesh, now I have to deal with easy child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by PatriotsGirl, Jun 27, 2011.

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    easy child used my laptop on vacation to get to his Facebook page. I go to Facebook this morning and saw that he never logged out. So.....I got curious.....

    Holy cow!!!!!!!! The things I have found out about my son!!!! He cusses. He never cusses in our presence and yet the f bomb was all over his page. From other things I gather, he makes up lies (similar to what his sister used to do) - silly things, having band practice (he is not in a band), there was a post about being in the hospital all night (he was never in the hospital), and I also saw a post about him thinking he is sober?? (most disturbing of all!!!!!).

    I also saw posts about how he loves and misses his sister and wishes she would come visit. That made me sad. But from other things he wrote, he blames us for her not being here anymore. He thinks we kicked her out and he thinks he will get kicked out if he disrespects us in any way. I kind of like the fear he has, but I don't want him thinking we kicked her out. We certainly did not. We offered rehab in order for her to continue living here and she declined.

    I need to have a major discussion with him this morning. I think it is time to seek out a therapist for him.
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    I'm glad you got to peak into his world. I think a therapist is a wise choice.

    Tigger also struggles on and off with Kanga being gone. He so desperately wants her to "approve" of him so that she'll tell him that all of the horrible, vicious things she said about him aren't true (that he is pure evil sent by the devil, that he is doomed to kill babies, that no one will ever love him, etc). It breaks my heart that he still wants her approval.
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    Oh, I wouldn't worry about the swearing. It is the age and if you creep onto his friends pages, you'd likely see alot of it. I would make him 'friend' you on Facebook so you can keep an eye on him and tell him to cut out the swearing, but I wouldn't freak out about that since it is clear he knows when it is more acceptable (friends) and when it is not (adults)
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    He admitted to posting lies on his Facebook. I told him he has no need to lie - he is perfectly "cool" being himself. We also talked about his sister not being here. I think he honestly thought we kicked her out. I told him this morning that I was protecting every one from her addiction and that we told her she had to go to rehab in order to live here. She refused. It was her choice, not ours.
    Of course, I couldn't get through the conversation with out breaking down into tears. And then broke down again when the police showed up. I have cried a lot today and it is only a little past noon....
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    PG, I wouldn't worry too much about the swearing/cursing either. Most boys his age are doing the same thing. It is a rite of passage for teen boys and girls it seems.

    It isn't the proper thing to to do, but not anything out of the ordinary.

    It is great to keep the lines of communication open as you are doing.

    I hope you can help him realize that he is cool and doesn't need to add drama for people/friends to like him.

    I am sure it will work out.