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    My 5 year old difficult child, is actually about to turn 6...she had cheerleading tryouts over the weekend, and she's in. She has to start tumbling class next week, and once they get into the routine, she will start weekend cheer practices. Their outfit for performance and competition is absolutely adorable, and my daughter is VERY excited. I told her the first thing we will do once we purchase her uniform, is take her to have pictures taken in her outfit. Now for the real chore, as picky as she is about clothes, I have to find her a gymnastics suit that she can wear for tumbling. I have bid on a few things on ebay, but the auctions arent over for another week, and when you figure on shipping times, I am afraid that if something goes wrong, they might not arrive before she starts tumbling class.
    I have to go, I guess one kid has scissors and the other has our grill lighter.

    The joys of being home with the children!!!!
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    I hope she loves cheer as much as Duckie does. That will make sitting through all the practices and competitions worthwhile for you.
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    That's awesome! I really wish there was a way for my difficult child to participate in something....she just won't do it & doesn't "get it". I bet she will have a wonderful time & hopefully she will be so excited about it & clothes will NOT be an issue.....never know right!?:confused::D

    Ohhh....scissors & grill lighter? Made me giggle. Thanks. Never know what's coming up next do we?
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    :bravo:Congratulations to difficult child!!!:D
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    Be sure to try Overstock.com. I get some really good deals there.