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    I'm not sure if it ever did sound like a good idea, but we ended up spending part of our vacation in our boat with both difficult child and P C and their girlfriends. Six adults in 40 ft boat is a lot to begin with and while my boys seem to have grown out of most of the constant bickering and have learned not to break too much of anything when moving their disagreements to more physical negotiations, their girlfriends certainly are not seeing eye to eye.

    They are lovely girls, they truly are, and I like both of them one by one, but when together they certainly can come up with one impressive Mean Girls-tribute. Or any other High School drama with nasty 'popular girls' and achingly sarcastic 'outcasts.' Both oh, so clever, and so clipped and so, so funny. Few days of that in such a confined environment and my eyes are probably permanently rolling in opposite directions.

    We have been home few days already and I still so feel for every monstrous mother-in-law there is. And luckily neither of mine is planning for marriage in any near future.

    Good news also is that difficult child already left for his next stop (for a while at least, he signed to the team that historically basically doubles as an athlete temp agency, if he does anyway decently, he is likely to be rented out for several team during the season and likely sold to highest bidder right before the transfer deadline, so absolutely no stability and it makes him seem even more commitment-phobic, but he based his choice to maximum playing time and capable positional coach he likes. Would not have been my top choice, but his life, his career.) And also difficult child's girlfriend will soon head to her university town, so with some luck she and P C's girlfriend will not meat more than couple times during the winter. And maybe one day they will mature a little too.
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    The group of friends I have here are really great people but they tend to be polar opposites. We all get along when everyone is together but there are two families who would never socialize with one another without either my family or my best friends family as a buffer. Its weird but when all the families are there we get along just fine. As soon as one of the difficult families steps away discussion turns to them.

    I dont like it because it makes me uncomfortable to listen to one disparage the other when I know that both families have legitimate reasons behind their actions. I have this weird ability to see both sides of the coin even when I don't want to. To me the only things that are deal breakers are things that are horrific or illegal. I don't judge people who raise their kids differently, have different religious values, etc etc etc. Not to say I always understand their point of view or agree with it but I just dont feel I have the right to judge unless it is harming someone or something.

    Anyway I get what you mean about the tension between the girls. I sometimes feel that tension between my friends and I am glad that someone is there to buffer them. They are all really good people and while they don't agree on much they don't back stab either (at least not in an over the top way). Of course we have all been known to talk about situations as a group but not in a malicious way. More in a how did that happen way?

    Glad to hear difficult child is moving on with his career and I hope it works out where he finds the position he has been looking for.
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    To be honest with these two girls one can not really even talk about polar opposites. It is more about their style not meshing. Their background is so similar they could be sisters, most of their core deep values are if not similar,at least in the same neighbourhood. They do have differences in opinions, but even those are more about degree than actual polar opposites. I think their disagreement is based on much more superficial level.

    But after few days of not seeing either of them, I'm starting to see the more humorous aspects of it. But yeah, no several days in small boats for the time being with both of them :D

    I too of course hope difficult child will find a good place for him athletic wise, but also worry for the next bottom. It has been rather smooth sailing lately, but it is off-season, summer and sunny, low pressure, he is newly in love and all that. Easy to feel well. But long, dark nights of autumn are coming with pressure and hurts of the sport.
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