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    I had an appointment to get my hair cut and right when I am walking out the door...RING! RING!...surprise! Tyler's school calls; I have to go pick him up because he was calling his teacher 'fat' and the other students 'gay'. This is not the first time he has had this type of behavior with the name calling. Needless to say, I am not waiting on my husband to call me to discuss sending him to a group home, this is the last, final straw, and we just came home from the intake center; I am waiting on them to call me with an appointment to inprocess him. He is in his room right now, I don't doubt that he is happy and feeling that he won because he got out of school again. God forbid he actually has to follow rules and any kind of structure. I get the feeling that he is already wondering what is in store for him now; all I heard going home was "am I going to a group home?" "Do they have rules?" "why?"...What will it take for him to realize that he cannot act this way?
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    Sending hugs. When I was getting a lot of calls from difficult child's school, I hated trying to make plans. Inevitably I would be in the middle of something and have to leave. It always drove me nuts too. Yes, the kid shouldn't be acting in that way but at the same time, he's getting what he wants by being sent home. Never made sense to me. My difficult child turns 18 tomorrow and, while he has gotten better SOMEWHAT, he still has issues with rules not applying to him. I'm not sure if it is from the BiPolar or his time in foster care before we got him. (He's "special" and has a different set of rules than most kids) Either way it's very frustrating and trying to explain why rules actually DO apply to him has always been as effective as beating my head against a wall.

    Hopefully the program will help him with his issues. I wanted to get difficult child into one but he was always just under the requirements to be eligible or in need of a program.

    Hope things work out for you all. Keep us updated.
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    I always hated getting those calls from the school.

    I hope you can get difficult child into a good program.