Well, was worried about start to morn but it ended up pretty cool

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. buddy

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    Q woke as usual to my going in to give him his medications. I had cancelled the bus at his request so he could go to this little school store they were going to have this morning. So I went in and said Good morning and h said

    Q-Shut up b**ch.

    mom... walks out to her room, puts the medications down on the side table in my room, says nothing.
    Q ...gets up a few minutes later, sorry mom I was dreaming

    mom... ok take your medications
    Q...so mom can we hurry and get cash to go to the special morning school store they ahve today
    mom.....(now what???)

    mom..... well, I didn't like being called that name.
    Q I was dreaming.

    mom... Q I know you were awake and that is fine but even when it is a mistake, you need to check in and apologize.
    Q... sorry. NOW can we go???


    anyway we were too late for it and I could tell that was going to happen while we were driving in the slow traffic with the snow....(and, he took too long to scoot his butt out of bed) and I said on the way, you need to plan now for how you are going to react when you see the store is closed. He said, do you think I should just give it up now and get used to it? I said yeah that is a great idea so a few sec. later he said, mom so I can have a chance to think about a happy thing can you give me five dollars if I handle this well AND do excellent in school today so I can go with R-Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) to MOA and go to mini golf. I said, yes!

    of course I thought my pay check would be in and for some reason it is not...now I have to figure that out.
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    Ugh. What a way to start the morning. But it sounds like he managed to pull it together and go to school in a decent mood. I hope he has a good day, and can get to go to minigolf.
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    Sounds like a not so bad morning. Glad it didn't get out of hand, especially when he realized he would miss the store. THAT is huge, especially for him. Wow!! As for the MOA, got any change jars and....when was the last time you checked seat cushions and the bottom of your purses, etc. Good luck with that one.
  4. buddy

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    LOL, we cleaned out the change on Wed. I have an email into the new manager for our EOR stuff. Hope she gets back quickly. Things have happened before like the system goes down or whatever. So I wont panic yet. I actually see I have 32 dollars till I get the check. Hope they figure it out because this one is the one that will go towards rent and there is no other check till the third. UGG. (my rent is due by the second or fined)
  5. TeDo

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    Praying, rattling and pretzeling!!!