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    We're in the area where we are going to relocate so we can look for housing and E can take a look around- I sang "I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain is Gone " on the way here! LOL! Unfortunately, despite responding to ads the past several days and this morning, no one wants to show anything this weekend due to it being a holiday. We couldn't wait until next weekend because E has a SAT but we'll come back in 2 weeks and if I can't lock in something then, I'll start looking for short-term, temp places. I'm getting so excited!

    DJ- you (and Tony, if he comes) won't need to stay in a hotel if you want to save some money the next time you are in the area.
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    Oh Boy! I have another person to see on my trips up there! Less and less time I have to spend at Jamie's house...lmao.

    Funny, I was just on the phone with him before I opened this post asking him to bring me a crate for the puppy. I have one but since it seems I am going to be stuck with two, I need an extra one. He can get me one from his work. One perk for me. Hope he remembers to get me the metal one...lol. He has a plastic one and a bull dog would chew through that in a day.
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    E saw a 1st today while we were checking out 1 of the 2 counties we have it narrowed down to- 2 chickens walking beside the road. Of course there were some farms around and fresh produce being sold on the side of the road in some places (he's a suburb kid). I told E if I ever called him from work and told him I'd pick up dinner on the way home, not to be surprised if I walked in the door with a live chicken, handful of fresh green beans and potatoes, and a bunch of fresh berries picked off the side of the road. LOL!

    Can you believe in an area like that, their high school (they only have one in that county) looked almost new and very contemporary with a modern design- liked it belong in the jurisdiction we spent years in thinking it was "the best"?! Both E's and my jaws dropped and eyes got big as saucers when we saw it. Of course that doesn't say anything good or bad about what the sd might really be like but it would sure carry some weight in self-esteem if anyone ever tried to make E feel like a hick for graduating from HS in that rural county.
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    I can believe it.

    Here we are the 2nd highest unemployed county................and our grade schools AND the high school is brand new. (ok it's a couple of years old) I am grateful, however, they didn't pick a ultra modern design. It's a more traditional "old school house" type feel to both of them.

    And before you ask, yes there are people still furious the sd built them, when modifications could've been made to the existing schools (especially the HS) and another grades school could've been simply built. It would've been cheaper. But noooooo, they had to go all out and spent an ungodly amount of money they really didn't have to spend. There won't be a school levy passed here for a very very long time to come.

    I hope you find something nice. :)
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    I was running into the same thing this weekend but did manage to s chedule four showings....and three on Tuesday evening. I sure hope you find something nice. I think it is funny that if you do say that you are picking up dinner you literally could be picking it up off the side of the road (if they let you catch them, LOL).

    Any way to find out which county has a better juv. justice system?
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    No- that's always a toss-up and depends on the individual PO more than anything- this state leaves too much up to the juvy PO's to decide, in my humble opinion, so they can vary a lot in decisions they make.

    Lisa, I don't know if this was part of stimulus funds or not. The middle school backs up to the side of this newer HS but it's an older, 70's style building. Next to it is another old 70's style building that looks like a school design and almost matches the middle school, but is the library. We are speculating that the HS out-grew that building so got a new one and the library then got to take the old HS building.
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    You have to remember VA has the school lottery and they do spend the money to build schools. Same with SC.
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    Good point, DJ.

    We looked at a place in the other county today. I noticed an ad yesterday that looked out of my price range at first, until I noticed that utilities were included. It's a very big house but one end has been separated to be an apartment and the basement is another apartment. We'd be getting the main part. Then, since we didn't need the barn (yes, you read that right), they came down $200 from the listed rent. That makes it doable. I'd be driving 30-40 mins to work and E would be on a bus 30 mins to get to/from school. This is so he can go to a school where he could still go for the advanced diploma. I had told him I'd make the sacrafice if he would, as long as he's showing that effort. He wants this place. It has more rooms than we need but since the price is right and they are paying utilities and I can shut the rooms off that we don't need, this sounds like a winner. Oh- they have their own farm and petting zoo and E has already told him he could work for them if the need some help. (Their farm is only 1-2 miles away).

    There are 2 other houses on my list we couldn't get shown to us this weekend but we drove by and they look perfect, too. I'm hoping I can hold these people offf until we can get back up here and have something else to compare it to. But, on the other hand, this is the closest one to my work and it seems like a possible way in for E to get a job working with different types of animals. Oh- the people in the basement apartment are a single mom with a 17yo son. That can be good or bad, right? (We didn't meet them today.)
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    What county K...is it the one that looks like a dalmatian dog? or does it have something to do with royalty in england? Im trying to be obtuse...lmao.
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    I'll PM you
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    Wow, sounds like a nice option, would be great if you could get the inside scoop on the other kid though!
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    LORD - that wasn't obtuse........even I figured it out......


    Sheesh - ALWAYS JANET with the invites.....never the star.......never the star.
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    Star- that's because you have a standing invitation. LOL!

    One is obvious but I still haven't figured out which one resembles a dalmation. I've looked and looked trying to find something like a hand shadow of a dog. :rofl:
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    I wouldn't make a quick decision on this one. I would wait until you can meet the other families/people you are sharing the house with and also look at the other properties.

    Oh, Janet's cloak and dagger clue - it doesn't actually resemble a Dalmatian, it's in the name......

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    I'm holding off on a commitment to them for at least a few days. They are mailing me a copy of the lease to look over and I have been working on an estimated monthly budget. I'll call the insurance company this week to get estimates on living in this county, driving XX miles to work in a brand new ABC vehicle, and E driving this old one just whenever- he's said he won't be driving to school. I should be able to get a rough budget figure since I'm already cursory car shopping and have a vehicle in mind. After further discussion and remembering that the only reason I care about location is because of sd and next year, I can stick to focusing on distance to/from work and cost of the place, I had to reel myself in from looking at this as a long term home.So I think we'll probably end up taking it for 1 year only but I'll spend the next few days checking ads to see if anything else pops up.

    I stayed up half the night combing thru the "company's" choices for medication insurance policies, life insurance, and retirement stuff to budget for that. Shewww....how confusing! Fortunately, other than eyeglasses and the ankle injury that's almost healed, E is healthy so I can get high-deductible policies- my health couuld start failing but I think I have means to fall back on- like maybe a payment plan should an emergency arise on me in the next few years. After that, I can change to a better medication coverage. This is all being budgeted to afford to help E pay for college since it really does appear he's on the right track now and maintaining it so far and will at least be able to go to community college, if not the college of his dreams.

    And DUH on me- I can't believe I sat here and stared at a map of counties looking for shapes like a dog and it never dawned on me to think about what I was reading. LOL! My brain doesn't work so well anymore.
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    Okay dalmatian dog and "I vant to suck your blood!" Is that any clearer....lmao?

    Anyway, the only worry I would have is E having to learn to drive up there but Jamie did and E would be in the country for most of the time. Like I said, there are a ton of back roads you can take to keep you off the main ones to get you from where you will be onto the part you need to be. In fact, part of it will take you by the apartment Jamie used to live. Now...if Staf had the schedule I know of some great apartments that are all utilities paid right off main gate for about a thousand a month for a two bedroom. That is the triangle area. But you dont want that.

    You want to be where you are talking about. I have talked to Jamie about that area and he says its nice. I actually wish Jamie had found that place! It would have been perfect for him and the kids. They sure could use all that space. Only issue is he has to live in his county in order to bring his truck home from work every day and that saves them having to have two vehicles.

    The other location is much further from work for you. I think it took Jamie almost an hour and a half to get there to go to a training seminar not long ago. And Jamie lives just 8 miles from back gate on number one.
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    I think we are going to be able to squeeze in E getting behind-the-wheel driver's ed here in this small town, between school ending and the actual move. (We are home now if I forgot to mention that.) I thought they included that at his sd but they don't. Then, I'll be letting him drive some with me on his learner's permit. He has to keep that until next Feb. so he will have plenty of time for practice. We had thought of the back roads in that county being advantageous for driving experience, too. It will be a while before I want him on a busy interstate. Fortunately, they have the secondary route. We are talking about college, too. If his dream doesn't happen right away after HS, he can go to the university nearby which he should be able to get into. He could live at home, saving us money and providing less opportunity for the partying temptation (ie- flunking out and/or getting into trouble again). he'd be driving 20 mi in one direction and I'd be driving 20 mi in the other- but I'd save 7000-8,000 per year on room and board for college- roughly. He could always transfer later or just get his Bachelor's of Science there. Plan C is to start with the community college. All within proximity to make this work. The possible "foot-in-the-door" to work with farm animals and petting zoo animals while still getting an advanced diploma is a Godsend. It's a stretch but who'd a thunk I'd ever landed this job? He loves the idea and said himself there would be nothing else to do except what he's supposed to be doing.

    If E's dream college is possible right after HS, I will move at the end of the 1 year lease to someplace closer to work and where it costs less so I can afford to pay that college tuition plus room & board. Still, student loans may be needed but it won't be out of the league compared to a lot of other students.

    The county is pretty neat-- I think it's known for being farm and horse country- yet it's plenty close enough to get to entertainment and cultural events in the nearby cities.
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    Couple words of advice -- be prepared for the insurance cost for young man not yet in his mid to late 20's! They are through the roof.

    In regards to college tuition, just as soon as you do your tax returns next spring (and I suggest you do them as soon as you get your two w-2's), go to the fafsa website and apply! There are only so many dollars to go around....the sooner you apply, the sooner you have your answer. If difficult child is wanting to go to community college or university, there are funds available through fafsa. If he decides to go to university, he will be applying in the fall and the name(s) need to be listed on the application. By applying with the fafsa, that information will be sent to the college or university of his choice. They in turn will let you know what he/household qualify for - housing assistance, textbook assistance, low interest student loan, low interest parent loan, grants, college work programs, etc.


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    That's why I plan to call my ins agent tomorrow- everyone keeps saying rates go thru the roof when you add a male teen but nobody says how much. I don't know if that means 3 times what I pay or 10 times. Plus, I've heard that if the teen makes good grades, it can help. I don't know if it will help or not that he'll be over 18yo when he actually needs to get added. I do feel sure that it will help that he's getting this 11yo (by then it will be 12yo) car. My driving record has been good for 10 years (horrible before that but the same co stuck with me) and the vehicle I'm looking at buying is stocked full of safety features. Moving to that area from this area and having to drive farther to work will make my ins go up with nothing else changing. So all in all, I have no idea what to budget for in that regard without talking to my agent.

    I'm aware of the financial aid form but I've been told with that new salary, E wouldn't qualify for squat except a typical student/parent loan. I'd prefer to avoid a loan the first year at least, as long as he's shooting for graduate school. We'll put it in anyway with the colleges listed. First thing is to see how he's ranging on the SAT. He can take it again in the fall, when he's applying for college, but this first go-around will give me a better idea of how to help and encourage him. He's being pretty understandable about it all and seems to get that I want him to shoot for his dream but understand it isn't easy so have a Plan B and Plan C- not that they will prevent him ever achieving his dream just that it might take a detour but we could still afford it.

    When I went to college the 2nd time (the time I actually stuck with it and made it), I found a way to get the 1st year paid for and after that it was a free-for-all between working some, grants, scholarships, and student loans. LOL! As unstable as that appears, I was able to get thru a 5-year professional degree that way. E is still on fragile ground so I'm trrying to make sure I'm keeping the "dream" possible while still keeping the primary focus on this next school year. He's really doing his part this time and we're closer than we've been since our family fell apart when he started middle school. So any other tips, ideas, pointers on how to prepare for college are welcome!

    We've found two 4-yr colleges he could drive to if he lived with me in that area for an under-grad degree, if the need arises. We changed his SAT app to send scores to them, as well as his dream college. We threw in a 4th one just because we can get 4 for free. I think there probably is another feasible one in that area but we don't know what it is.

    He started this last semester of his Junior year with a 3.1 GPA, half-way thru he had a 3.3 (2 A's; 1B) but now he might get 3 A's for the semester. He needs to get a decent SAT and a 3.5 to have a good shot at his dream college right out of HS. I'm not stressing him over it but he wants it so badly- I'm trying to get him to stay focused on IF it doesn't happen, here's another way he can get there. Ya know- it's in his IEP that he has perfectionist tendencies and poor coping skills when he's stressed, although he's getting better at dealing with it and hanging in there. I think I'm getting better about how to be pratical while still striving for what he wants (constructive things).

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    The key phrase is "right out of HS".
    Once you have college scores or 1st year uni scores, those become more important than SAT.