Well we got a new medication to try from difficult child psychiatrist appointment and he had ok day at school

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by rdland, Dec 5, 2011.

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    difficult child did pretty good at school today medication free. Not great but for him good. Sure he talked out of turn loudly off and on all day long but he was able to stay in his seat most of the day which is huge for him. He did tell his para educator this afternoon that his brain was telling him to hit a boy in the class but he was able to stop himself from doing it. Gotta love his main teacher....I e-mailed her and his reading/language arts teacher to alert them he was medication free. His language arts/reading teacher thanked me for the heads up in one e-mail and in a later one gave me an update of his morning in classroom plus asked me to ket her know how his appointment went today. I just love her! She has even taken time out of lunch break to sit and have lunch with difficult child when he is having a rough day. He really respects her for that! Now his main teacher never even acknowledged my e-mail. Whatever!

    So we saw the psychiatrist and I finally made progress in getting the patch approved by insurance. She agreed to start it so he is now to be on daytrana 10 mg. She agreed the battle with swallowing his medication even when it was just the powder in juice was not worth it right now so we are trying the patch. My only concern is if he will leave the patch on. We will see how he does on it tomorrow.

    After the appointment me, husband and difficult child all went and had a nice dinner at difficult child favorite restaurant. Since he has not had medications since Fri he was starved and ate a ton which is good to make up some missed nourishment.

    Of course not everything could be easy today! I had a hard time finding a pharmacy that had it in stock. After trying 7 different pharmacies a Walgreens I stopped at that did not have it offered to call other Walgreens in the area and found one 12 miles away that had it so I rushed down and got it. I never even considered it would be hard to find when I got the script.

    So we will see how he is on it tomorrow.
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    Glad things went well without medications. That is a PLUS in my book. Can we say jealous?!? lol As for the main teacher, there always has to be one. I just wish there was one here like the other one you have. To take that kind of interest in a kid. That is awesome! Can we say jealous again?!? lol

    Hope the patch works. Is there any way you can keep the focus on "at least you don't have to try to swallow that nasty tasting stuff"?
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    I'm no expert on this... but I'd be researching ahead to find out what to do if he develops some sort of skin irritation from using a patch... so that, at the first hint, you already have a solution. It pays to be ahead of trouble where you can.
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    Already on that! I am a proactive mommy and already have that research and ready if it is needed. That side effect happens a lot so I expect to see it at some point. My mom works in a pharmacy and I already asked her to talk to one of the pharmacists there about alternate spots I can put the patch if he gets irritation. She has worked with him for 20 years so he is always happy to help. With the Vyvanse he was on he even called the manufacturer to get advice on how to get him to swallow it when he refused. He did not get any new info from them but I appreciated him trying. My mom used to be a pharmacy tech but 2 years ago decided it was too stressful and now works in the front more as a cashier now. Hopefully, the patch will not cause too many issues for us.
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    Well, how about if I tell you I already got a phone call from the principal because he would not stay in his seat on the bus, was yelling as loud as he could, kicked another boys legs under the seat over and over and then threw a girls lunch across the bus. Jealous now! Any how, that is the call I just had. The principal did not know about the new medication when she called. I told his teachers, para educator and nurse but she did not know yet. I had trouble getting the adhesive off the patch this am so it had not kicked in yet on the bus, hence his behavior. Once the principal heard about the new medication she backed off doing major punishment and will just take 5 minutes off recess unless he gets in more trouble. (she knows recess is good for him to run off energy so did not take too much time off him) she said if be does not settle down and gets in more trouble we will need to discuss harsher punishment. Sigh. Never a dull moment.

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    At least you know the WHY the behavior happened and you can prepare for tomorrow (start earlier). Hopefully he calms down and has a better day....just so I can justify my jealousy. LOL
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    I would not mind one bit if that happens and you can justify your jealousy! difficult child being good at school is certainly a good thing.
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    I havent used that patch but have used others. I would put it on his back if possible because he cant pick at it. Also at the first sign that you are getting any sort of irritation, you can put the spray on benedryl on his skin, let it dry then place the patch on. That will keep the adhesive from causing irritation which is normally what causes the problems. But you have to make sure that the benedryl spray is completely dry before you apply the patch or it wont stick. Also dont apply the patch to the same place twice in one week.
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    I know it is daily but I will tell you some things I have done with ours (weekly)....

    It can come a little loose if they sweat and the disks that come with them really break down skin. I use the walgreens brand (or cvs brand or whatever, I think they are made the same place but have the store name on it) of super strength water proof bandaids (they are clear with little strings that run thru it) They are so strong that he may not be able to pull the patch off then. Kids are more used to bandaids. it may say to put it on his hip or something....but if he wont leave it alone, you can do hte middle of his back (unless he has a hairy back, some kids do) where it is not easy for him to reach.
    YOu can put benadryl gel on first, let it totally dry then put the patch on if you find he develops a rash or itches too much. We used to do that, now I just have it or cortisone cream ready for when I pull it off and put that on right away.

    Really it becomes routine. I really love having the patch for the clonidine. ritalin I like the tabs because I can control the times better but Just thought I"d share, especially when swimming times come etc. You will want the bandaid unless some magic disk is in your pack.

    Good luck, I sure hope this helps things!