Well, we had the ARD meeting, got his IEP...

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    I got a copy of the report and took 25 minutes to look over it. Really don't care if they had to wait or not. There excuse was a "miscommunication" one. They tried to bring it to me this morning but I had gone to my Mothers to wait for the meeting (she went with me).

    Basically it says that Carson has major difficulties "processing". That it takes him longer to process anything.

    Main things: ..."he needed more supervision than his peers to maintain appropriate behaviors, gain compliance with school rules, initiate academic tasks and prepare for transitions. Carson appeared somewhat depressed. He demonstrated low levels of self esteem and self confidence in controlling his own behaviors."

    ..."When appraoched by others he often indicated thta he did not wish to interact with them. Carson enjoyed making others laugh and acting silly, which his peers enjoyed at times, but he also deliberately irriatated them. Carson demonstrated sensitivity when others were upset, but did not know how to comfort them and often ended up making them even more upset."

    "Primary areas of concern include symptoms of depression, lack of social skills and limited motivation to join group activities, excessive worry, impulsivity and poor self control and emotional dysregulation and when faced with change."

    Primary IDEA Disability AXIS I Severe Emotional Disturbance. ED 2.00 Relationship Problems Disorder ED 4.00 General Pervasive Mood of Unhappiness/Depression. Secondary IDEA Disability Level II Other Health Imapairment deferred to Physician OHI 8.00 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    The Diagnostician who did his IQ test said scored a 94. Low Average in some things, Average in some and Superior in another--didn't write it all down...but I have it all on my digital recorder.

    He will see a counselor every week. He'll get more time to do work. He'll be on a "ticket" system where they will catch him doing well and reward him often. He will be allowed to type the bulk of his writing in his writing class. He gets to have a multiplcation chart and a "place value" chart in Math. He will be allowed all day to finish his Star test (I knew the Principal would allow him ANYTHING to help him pass a test like that).

    There's more--but I am emotionally and physically drained. I don't think he got enough. And the Principal p***ed me off (umm, he fell asleep once, that I know of). The Principal once said "We have already been doing these things (tickets, shortening work, extra time). You haven't known him long (talking to the Psychologist) but I've known him a few years--this stuff doesn't work on Carson". I said "Well, *I* have known him longer than you all--and I can tell you this. He will NEVER want to work for anyone who he thinks dislikes him or had given up on him."

    Anyway, I'm waiting on a copy of their report, BIP too. I feel like I have been struggling for so many years...and here I am. My feet are on the Yellow Brick Road--but it's a damned long jog to the Emerald City...and I suspect that when I get *there* that there is no wizard after all...
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    I havent found the Wizard but Dorothy and Toto have been fun to meet!
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    I think that it was important that you told the principal this. Alot of times these kids don't want to work because they feel like what's the point? No one is going to care that they made the effort anyway because they've given up on me, so why bother? And that principal needs to get on the ball and understand that you can't just give up on a kid.

    As for me, I have found no Wizard, but then again I think I am way to far from Oz to even hope to see him. I'm beginning to think that I never will.