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    Friday morning G gave us a bit of trouble & we told her that if her behavior didnt improve she will be going back & she pouted for a little bit then was ok . S (11) & C (9) got home about 5 ( they were in foster care 2 hours away. she was ok but had to be reminded that her negitave attitude had to stop . she went to bed about 9 by herself & was asleep in minutes ( we are going to have a set bed time for her starting tuesday) & yesterday she was great ,it was her birthday ,she had invited some friends over but with her trouble in school no one came,she said that she has plans to meet her friends @ a local resturant but if we do not hear from any of the parents shes not going . ( tonight is the night she goes back to the group home & she will be back tuesday )i am thinking that she will end up not going .

    we made a list of all the behavior that will have her sent back & we let her know that we do love her even if it seems what we are doing is "mean" we are doing it for her. She is back on the wait list to see someone else & is going to get further testing.we let her know that she will have 2 warnings & then she will be told to get her things together .

    last night when i went to work she had an episode with my husband. her new threat is she will say that shes going to tell the worker in the group home that he hits S&C so they will be taken away .

    I think she knows shy she is where she is & she doiesnt like it . so lets hope she will get what she needs now .

    but its nice to be finally believed that there is something going on in her little head & were not being told that shes a wnderful girl & there couldnt be anything wrong with her
    it took her setting the keyboard to the laptop on fire to get someone to listen.
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    Setting the laptop on fire! Wow!

    I don't really remember your family. Maybe you could do a signature like I did below so we will always be able to look and remember who you are.

    Have a good night!
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    Poor thing. She is crying out--but I'm not sure what for. :(
    P.S. The nice thing about this board is that people tend to believe you because our kids are often so similar.
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    Wow cc, she's a tough one. I love what Terry said about folks believing us on this board. Can you imagine trying to explain our difficult children to parents with "typical kids" - I'm sure they would be shocked if they even believed the stories we could tell!

    MWM has a great point. It's very difficult for us to remember the family situation of all the members, especially the newer ones we have not built relationships with. I don't remember your story and was wondering why the other kids were at fosters. Could you do a profile sig and fill us in on your difficult child's history a little blurb about the rest of the family? Thanks!