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    Nichole's car got broken into thursday night. She discovered it when going to work on friday morning. They'd ripped out her stereo unit and took anything that looked pawnable that was in the car. Also broke into every car in the parking lot. Car insurance will cover the loss.

    BUT this made an already nervous Nichole determined to get a dog. I tried to talk her out of it, mostly knowing her boyfriend would have a cow about it. But Nichole is already nervous that she has to spend many nitetime hours alone at the apartment...with no landline phone....and only her cell to rely on. It's not the world's greatest neighborhood.....Although she knows many of her neighbors, it also means she knows what they're capable of. Which is why she's fairly certain she knows who did the car break ins. It's his MO.

    So since the break in she's been searching kill shelters for the perfect dog. Kill shelters because in this area they are absolutely overrun with dogs and are having to put huge numbers to sleep each week.

    She asked me to go with her to our kill shelter and see if they had any prospects. Since there was no talking her out of it, I decided helping her get a dog that is a good fit was the next best thing and said yes.

    We were careful, we spent alot of time there today getting to know each dog/puppy and whatever background the pound had on them. They had one collie mix that melted your heart, a real sweetie pie he was. He'd been adopted out earlier and the wardon had to bring him back cuz the family that adopted him wouldn't keep him contained and the neighbors wouldn't stop complaining so he picked him back up again. He would've been perfect but he was much too big.

    Nichole settled on a little mutt puppy maybe 2-3 mos old. Very good natured sweet pup...reminds me much of my Molly. I think she has some shepard in her but she's one it's hard to pinpoint. Perty lil thing though. They flea bathed her for nichole and set her up with a bag of dog food (good stuff).

    But all the while I'm making sure Nichole has thought it thru. What is she gonna do with pup when working? What about the crying at night? Is she willing to put in the time for training? ect. She seemed to have put much thought into it and had a plan in place.

    Sooooooo. Yeah, boyfriend was against this from the get go. 1. because he doesn't want to care for it. 2. (the biggest reason) because it was Nichole's idea and something she wanted/needed.

    We went to drop the pup off so she could take me home...cuz I told Nichole pup was too small to ride in the car with no one holding her/no crate. boyfriend was not happy by a long shot. And was acting like a pouting/tantrum child.

    On the way to my house I told Nichole I hoped this wasn't going to start big trouble in the house. She told me it was already there. That boyfriend is a self-centered spoiled brat and getting on her last nerve. Anything thing she wants regardless of what it is......he nixes it even if he has to blow it into a big fight. But if he wants something....regardless of what it is......he will get it/do it no matter what Nichole has to say about it. And she'd fed up.

    Hmmmmmm. Interesting. lol

    I simply said, well honey, sometimes you don't really get to know someone until you live with them everyday.

    Personally, I feel better with the dog there. It is a nice apartment, but not in a nice neighborhood. There are drug addicts, ex cons......you name it living near by. Nichole sleeps like the dead. A barking dog can alert her in time to call the police. And is a far better solution than sister in law giving her a handgun......now that one is scary.

    New doggie will not be an issue with the landlord. Nichole had the foresight to check with her first.

    Doesn't sound like happily ever after is happening in the Nichole/boyfriend household.:tongue:
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    Why am I not surprised that happily ever after just ain't! I'm glad if Nicole wanted a dog, she went against boyfriend's wishes and didn't cowtow to his demands. The boy really needs to grow up! First, she is paying the bills. Second, she is a grown woman who has a mind of her own and is allowed to use it.
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    I hope that she and the puppy will be made for each other and decide that they don't need boyfriend, after all! ;)
  4. Hound dog

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    LOL Witz. And EW, I was much releaved to see Nichole stand up for herself and what she wants/needs for a change. I was getting worried she was never going to.......

    And I do have to give her credit for thinking it thru before she called me. She'd even sat down with her budget and made certain she could afford food, vet costs for shots and spaying, the crate, ect.

    And heck, I wasn't going to tell the girl no when I would've done the exact same thing myself. A good dog in a really bad neighborhood is invaluable. I know. been there done that and if it weren't for Molly on several different occasions.....I shudder to think about it cuz 2 intruders were mighty determined to get inside. The entire neighborhood within a 5 block radius is afraid of both Molly and Rowdy......they have reps not to be messed with. And they earned them. I do nothing to convince the neighbors otherwise. :)

    Seems when Nichole refused to back down.....boyfriend suddenly "took" to the pup, even named her. Gag me. Nichole says she loves to go potty.......which is a good thing as she has the trots. So who knows what she ate as a stray or maybe it's just the change in food at the pound. So I gave Nichole instructions on what to watch for, how to help her cope with the trots, and when to rush her to the animal hospital. Actually, sounds at the moment like a food issue rather than being actually sick. She was mighty perky and healthy this afternoon.
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    Good for Nichole! I tell ya, I was biting my tongue on facebook when she said that boyfriend said no to a dog - especially with him not contributing and all. :mad: I am so proud of her for going through with it and for doing so maturely.

    Hope the pup adjusts and is feeling better soon.
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    Wooo Hooo!!!!!

    Nichole = 1 Boyfriend = 0

  7. Suz

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    What. a. jerk.

    I hope this pup stays and boyfriend goes. :angel:

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    He sounds, as always, like a selfish little Peter Pan. I am glad Nichole stood up to him.

    I hope she ditches the boyfriend and keeps the dog. Make SURE she is the ONLY person listed on his registration/license.

    I just have a feeling that when they break up he will try to take the dog. Just because she insisted on getting it after he said no.

    He seems to be that small minded.

    I hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship - between Nichole and the dog!
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    YOU GO NICOLE.....woof woof....