Well, wish us luck! We're gonna homeschool...

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    After discussing the IEP & 504 with our sons school, their decision was one on one and a Special Education class. Not a chance. He's in the 98% on his OAT'S and Epilepsy should not be a reason for Special Education. His IQ test came back and he's above average and seizures are not a reason to do that. We've come to realize that since he is soooo doped up in the mornings, letting him sleep till 9 would be more benificial. As it stands now, he has to be up at 6am for the bus. Try doing that on Trileptol, Topamax and Diazapam, not to mention the diastat emergency kit if there happened to be a seizure the night before. So, we're going with K12 and getting him private lessons for his Saxaphone since he will no longer be in band. Fortunately we have LOTS AND LOTS of kids around us, so social isn't a problem. So we'll see how it goes. We're waiting for his computer and curriculum to get here & then he leaves the school. I REALLY hope this has a great result & my son becomes that wonderful adult I know he can be:D
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    Good luck!

    You can do it!
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    Good Luck! Can he handle band? Did you ask the school if he could still participate?
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    Good luck! We might be heading down the homeschool path (again) as well.
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    As far as band goes, he won't be able to participate in the our school band because the homeschool we're using isnt really a 'true' homeschool. He stays home, but it's more like an online public school. The state controls the testing and curriculum etc. I'm not brave enough to submit my own curric just yet. I've learned so much about epilepsy over the past few years and more so this year. And there's a huge catch 22. Epilepsy is considered by law a disability. Its covered under the Americans with Disabilities act. Which is great if your trying to find a job, however, the drawback is, your child is labeled disabled and the school doesn't seem to get that his short term memory etc is affected by seizures and NOT an inability to learn. The only class available for one on one is a special needs class with other special needs kids. None of which have epilepsy. It's more downs, cp, ms etc.... He's been in the mainstream all his life, played football soccer etc....I can't imagine what it would be like to one day be in class sitting next to that cute girl you like so much, chatting with your friends about the football game and then be thrown into a class for special needs kids. Maybe he has special needs, but his needs don't require anything so drastic. We have several homeschool families in our developement, all the kids here won't think anything of it. It'll be easier for him to explain homeschooling then it would be for him to explain to his pals that hes leaving the class for the Special Education class. AND I STILL dont get why they're doing that! His test scores are high, he can't help the fact that he's so tired in school etc....If anything he's amazing for being able to test so high when hes clearly doped up!
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    good luck, we're doing same. yet isnt' true "homeschooling" either, we'll have tutors from the school coming into the home probably starting next week. if it's what's best for them than so be it.

    good luck! I don't know about you but i'm being slightly selfish being she is my youngest home and was really hoping that a pt job would become part of my future. yet with recent events and her decline as of late it won't be.