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    I'm back and intact.

    As for results, I can't say for sure where we're heading.

    We did get the curriculum software programs recommended by the various evaluations, additional language tests to be done, and a phonics software program, plus additional trials.

    And they will be calling in the outside agency to do the ongoing FBA.

    I told them I won't tolerate hearing stories on the streets about my kiddo from the paras.

    I gave 2 examples of things the mainstream teacher said at open house Tuesday night that Wee walked away with a TOTALLY different meaning than you or I or a typical would have taken, and emphasized how incredibly important it is to be aware of what you are saying, and to listen to him when he bucks you. Most often, if you are patient enough for him to explain, he can tell you his point of view, and most of the time, its logical - may not be how you or I would see a situation - but he can make you understand why he sees it that way, and you can resolve it. In both instances, the average reaction to what Wee did in response to the teacher would have lead to a meltdown. If you just listen and understand, you can work thru it.

    We ran out of time to walk thru my requests so I just gave them the list. Pointed out a few that were simply things that had been in his BIP that had never been utilized or followed. The list was about 35 requests, said some are non-negotiable, and I want 75%. His primary SpEd teacher is out for a couple weeks, and I told them I want his start date to be when she returns, so we needed to be meeting NOW, not the day before that start date.

    THey read thru the list, and I did not get a single "no" or "we can't". I also did not get any "yes", but I did get the principal hopping. SHE took me seriously, if no one else did (I think they all did). SpEd Director wanted to delay the next meeting until the district had a chance to review my requests and principal had her Iphone out, looking at her calendar, and telling the rest of them "we HAVE to meet Monday! We can't wait til Thur or Fri!"

    So, at the very least, they got the message that I'm done screwing around.

    Now, we'll see what they do with that message come Monday, when we meet again. We'll see.

    Thanks for the prayers, all. That is the most nervous I have been in a REALLY long time.
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    Well done, Shari! Good on the principal for following through. Keep the momentum going.

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    This sounds like a huge step forward. Well done, indeed :)