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    Well, they said difficult child looked fantastic - I agree. And they are not sure rehab is the right program for her. They are thinking about a place where she would live, get a job, and attend NA meetings and work on herself. More of an independent sober living place. He said there are places near ski resorts, where she would work at a ski resort or they are asking if she wants to go to a junior college somewhere and live in a dorm because she is extremely smart. I just sat there in awe that they could do things like that! Send her to college using scholarship funds?? He asked her where she would like to go. I told her she should feel SO lucky to get such an opportunity!! So, he asked that she be dropped off on Monday morning and they are doing a full evaluation using their doctors and are paying for everything. My job is to come up with a list of Psychiatrists that are in our network for her to go to to get on the right medications and he wants to insure they have experience working with addicts. So if she needs ADHD medications, Adderall is not really a suitable choice. But, my goodness, what an angel to come into our lives! He is taking control of everything that needs to be done and investing in difficult child's future. I feel blessed. SHE should feel blessed. So, that is where we are now. She seems a lot more open to a program since they are giving her so many choices. But they want her invested in working on herself and that makes sense.
    by the way, this man is a former NFL player who lost everything to alcoholism. He knows what he is doing and what an incredible program we have right here in our itty bitty town! I am beyond amazed....
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    WOW! I hope that this is as good as it sounds! If so it might be a huge benefit to her!
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    Wow I am amazed too. What a wonderful opportunity. I would do anything to have such a program available here.

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    OMGG (oh my goodness cracious)! What a fortunate family you are!! I'm thrilled for you. Hugs DDD
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    I should NOT type without my glasses. Crasious! LOL DDD
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    I hope she appreciates it for all it is and puts every bit of it to good use!
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    What an opportunity! I hope it works out for her. Sounds like an amazing program.