Went to a White Sox Spring Training Game

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    husband is a SouthSider :tongue:
    The Sox are leaving Tucson and we have never had a chance to see them while they were here. This was the last game with the Colorado Rockies who are also leaving... yes Tucson blew it! Economy etc. Phoenix has a lot more money and incentives, tax free land...

    Anyway, we tried to make it exciting for the girls, we used to have season tickets in Chicago many moons ago.
    This was a very special treat! Expensive!!! For us...
    I know full well my girls are not very capable of "doing" things. LOL we try and per the therapist we try to do "normal" things. :laugh:
    We made it to the 3rd inning in our seats which is a pretty big deal, this is with bribes, cotton candy, a split soda, hot dog... (forbidden treats)

    we then walked around, husband was so excited I was trying to not leave yet. We found a spot where we could hang out with other families.

    So K spends the rest of the time obsessing over getting an autograph, not possible, sliding up and down the metal barricade and humping the bar... and spazzing out.
    N lies in my arms humming covering her ears and spinning the umbrella and watching the colors rotate. They unbelievably made it until the 7th inning only because we kind of made them.
    Finally N just broke down.

    It was a difficult child day for husband and I, one of those where you get ****** that both of your kids can't handle doing something, yet they were excited to go.
    It doesn't matter what we do it always ends up this way.
    Some days I hate it... I want things to be fun for them.
    And the other lame thing is the next day is always shot. We went to go on a walk at the UofA campus and look at the trees which they love to do, but they couldn't make it 15 minutes.

    I guess it was just one of those poor me I have 2 G'sFG and I don't like it right now!!! There have been no steps forward in a long time. :D

    Oh but the White Sox won!!!
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    husband, easy child/difficult child and I loved going to spring games. When difficult child was with us, sigh, he just didn't get it. In our case
    the ballpark we most often went to had lots of free roaming area where kids played kickball, rolled in the grass etc. so we made it to the end without too much stress. on the other hand, it was a whole lot more fun on days when he had something to do with GFGmom. ;) He's 19 now and still doesn't understand the point of team games, lol. Glad you made it to the end. Don't be surprised to hear your difficult child's telling others about the outing with great pride. You'll just shake your head in a WTH look. DDD