Went to an acupuncturist today

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    I know, seems stupid, since my husband does acupuncture.

    But yrs ago, I cried during one of the sessions and he said it was a bad sign during acupuncture and I could go into acu-shock. I asked him a yr later, then two yrs later ... asked again about six mo's ago. Nope. (t's been at least 8 yrs now since that happened.)

    Fine, I'm a big girl. I can look up different acupuncturists. I found one only 3 mi away, right next to our veterinarian. I filled out a history form, met him, (very nice, been in practice forever, heavy accent, though, a bit hard to understand) and he immediately told me to stick out my tongue. Huh? I went in for stress, and to speed up the healing of my pulled hamstring and piriformis syndrome. So I stuck out my tongue and he said, "You have stomach problems?"
    Yes, actually, I've had a stomach ache and diarrhea all week ...

    He said my chi was low and he could work on that and he put me in a room right then and there. Didn't even faze him that my husband had problems with-me crying. Woo hoo!
    He put needless on the tops of my ears, back of my neck, midback, lower back, right INTO the piriformis area (boy, did I feel that one), down my left leg and on my ankle, oh, and between my thumbs and fingers, in the flesh part. He also put a heat lamp on me, which was a nice touch, because the room was chilly and I had my gown open in the back. (Do you ever get to an appointment and then think, uh-oh, what color underwear to I have on and does the dr even notice? lol.)

    He checked on me halfway through. At first, I was nauseated and dizzy, but after about 30 seconds it passed. It took me awhile to relax, and then I had a nice nap. Fine by me!

    I go again Thur and will go twice a wk for awhile.

    by the way, I started sitting a couple months ago, so I know I am improving. I had a special wooden shelf made by a friend, for my computer monitor and I stood for well over a yr-and-a-half. But I am getting impatient now. I want to go horseback riding, and ice skating, and garden in the spring for more than 10 min. increments ...

    husband is going to be surprised and angry. I think I won't tell him right away ... hmmm. But it's my decision. I didh't go into shock, and I think it's better to have an objective, outside professional doing this anyway. Why stress out husband, thinking that I may have a horrid reaction? I'm doing both of us a favor.

    Oh, the dr also told me to eat much more spicy foods, and much less chocolate. :(
    Good grief, I look at ketchup and it makes me tear up. I'm starting with-cinnamon tea, and more pepper in my food.
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    Terry, I've been going to acupuncturist's for about 25-30 years and they always look at the tongue and take the pulses too. The tongue gets coated and a good acupuncturist/herbalist can look at your tongue and tell you exactly what is wrong with you, it's always struck me as remarkable. My experience has been that every single symptom, from the tiniest to the largest, all contribute to the whole package and need to be dealt with since they're all related. In Chinese medicine they look at the body as a whole and treat it that way. He likely sees a correlation with your stomach issues, hamstring and piroformis syndrome so he's treating them all. I have had enormous success with acupuncture over a long time for many, many issues. I also think there is quite a big difference between someone 'doing acupuncture' and being an acupuncturist, so not going to husband for this seems appropriate. I hope you get stellar results as I have.
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    Good for you! Hey, did he say eat spice or put some spice in your life?

    Maybe some Latin dance lessons?
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    My stepmom had great success for her pain through acupuncture, I hope you do, too!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    So whats your POINT? Get it? Snort......whats yer? Awwwwwww never mind. Glad you will be feeling better soon.
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    OMG, STaaaaaaarrrr

    ANy-hoo ... I had to go back in and fix my terrible spelling .. piriformis. Good grief, after all this time you'd think I could spell it.

    Pain in the *ss.

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    There is a name for parenting difficult child's?
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    So THAT's why my butt hurts!
  9. TerryJ2

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    2nd treatment today. By the time I woke up this a.m., my stomach had already cleared up. I know that my leg will take longer but so far it's certainly not any worse! Ran into another artist from one of the galleries I'm in, and she told me she was referred by yet another artist! I am soaking in epsom salts at least once a wk, hoping to work my way up to 3x a wk.