went to hospital to plant nasty nurse in pjs

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    yup i did. i'm offically a pyscho mom. warrior mom minus a few cards in my deck. difficult child was a wreck tonight that she didnt' get to see is. (expected that) due to her not completing her dinner after 5 hours.

    she was upset, in her room, angry, crying, hurt. nurse enters room and difficult child asks for a tissue, nurse responds No, you cannot get out of bed to get a tissue.

    difficult child cries some more (by the way all on video that is in rm), difficult child than says i think i'm going to throw up i feel really sick. (anxiety ridden i'm sure;symptomatic)

    nurse says no difficult child (nasty) you can't go to bathroom. difficult child says i think i'm going to throw up on the flr. nurse says well i'm not going to lose my job for you!

    a few other choice things occured. long story short i got in my truck with-sweats and tee on and drove up to hospital. i slipped in thru e.r. entrance and parked my truck in ambulance spot. i went up to edr. a phone call wasn't going to do it this time around.

    i got caught by security guard who by the way wound up being very cool. he let me thru to the unit. took nurse outside so difficult child wound't know i was on the flr. and planted her, told her what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior towards an eleven year old who is emotional and escalating. told her how to de escalate instead of making it worse. told her that i will be speaking to the head pyschdoc on monday a.m. regarding this incident.

    explained to her i do not care if you have an unhappy marriage, miserable kids, pain in your feet or anything else. this is your job and being professional is not an option it is mandatory check your issues at the door, and your baggage and pick it up when you are heading home.

    head nurse came out. she apologized, stated will handle nasty nurse and also document everything. stated how sorry she was and all points were valid. i told her i will be addressing all of this monday at my mtg. with-head of program.

    are these ppl serious? do they not get that i will do just about anything for this kid? i wanted to crack her head into the wall yet i calmed myself down before i got up there. thank goodness for the ten min. ride and for me being here close to hotel. gotta work all these kinks out and nasty junk if i'm going to chose to leave her there and head back home in 3 days.
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    WOW!!!! Remind me not to do anything to get you mad at me - good thing you don't know who I am and where I live!!! Though you are a smart gal - Facebook may have the info you need? :) (sorry, poor shot at humor - figured you could use a chuckle)

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    I'm a little confused. You were there when this happened or your daughter told you about it or you saw the tape?

    In any case, it's ridiculous that the nurse was so rude and nasty. Maybe there were rules about not getting out of bed, but no excuse to not bring her a tissue or something to vomit into if needed. To be kind and considerate.

    I think you handled it frighteningly (lol) well. Not a psycho Mom, just an effective one who will suffer no BS!
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Way to go!!! I hope they pull her off your difficult child's case and assign someone a little more HUMAN... :warrior: They should know better than to mess with a warrior mom!
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    no she told me about it and i caught part of it while on phone with-her. which lead me to throw my sneakers on. now my new battle is fighting for a day to get her pepto bismol because her stomach's in pain. i'm so beat up myself at this point. i keep saying take it day by day. breath. sleep. yet my stomach's been off for 4 days now due toa really bad burger.
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    i came back last night and i meditated for a while, than talked to husband and went to bed at 2. yet even when i get 7 hours i'm still waking up totally shot. never truly refreshed. i guess it's to be expected. just seems like everything with-this place is a battle and i'm wearing down. wish husband was here.
  7. PatriotsGirl

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    All this time - I thought you were meant your 17 year old was in the hospital - not the 11 year old. Now I see why you wanted to stay close to her. I'm a dunce. But, yeah, I would have been warrior mom, too!
  8. susiestar

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    You did AWESOME!!!!!! There is no excuse for treating a child this way. in my opinion this nurse shouldn't be working with kids. ONE unpleasant incident would have been bad, worth a write up in her file, but several??? Since when does having mental illness mean that you dispense with normal human kindness??? in my opinion you should ask the head doctor exactly this question, cause that is exactly what happened.

    A GOOD thing is that difficult child actually stayed in her bed. She called you, but she did not get up and wander around the floor or her room.
  9. Jena

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    the witch nurse was there today. i was greeted today with smiles and please's and thank you's from each nurse. who paid attention to difficult child, talked to her appropriately and spent day subbing out her food for liquids!! wtf. again my phrase for the week.

    so their guilt of the bs that went down last night toppled over onto today and they knew she had family heading up and they subbed out her meals that she wasnt' able to finish. so allshe had today was liquids. ok guys let's all get on the same freaking page. i'm going to blas them all tmrw again. wow why oh why do i always have to attack ppl?? their morons total morons!!!
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    :fan:Way To Go, Jena!!!!