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  1. Jena

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    so 1 more tiny good thing to share....... me ms. negativity all the time.

    we booked our anniversary trip last night! we worked out dates, kids etc. we haven't checked with ex yet but she'll say she can't so we just knew to book it and tell her she has to. she's been a bit nutty since he blocked her via texts past mos or so.

    sooo end of july we go to mexico, playa del carmen for 5 days! all inclusive, we can't afford anything but..... cause ya know we'll be eating alot and drinking :)

    its' far away yet something to look forward to without a doubt! a couples only resort. we were going to book a beautiful one that was kid friendly and than he said we'll feel bad if we see kids and i said ohyes we will! we're retarded that way. so we found a couples only resort.

    we went to mexico for our honeymoon and loved it. the weather in july is amazing there, only place there's a breeze. soooo break here we come soon!!!!

    it'll be a year of wedded bliss NOT lol on july 17th!

    just figured i'd share.... :) i'm going to print up pics put on fridge to help keep smile on my face next ten weeks!
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    .......I SUPPOSE you want us all to go....."OH happy happy GOODIE GOODIE for YOU JEN!?" Yeah!! :bravo: you get a vacation!? :beach:

    Yeah:whoopdedoo: Okay then -----------

    -Happy Happy :grey:Goodie Goodie for YOU Jen.:wine: Have a nice trip.:pirate: Glad YOU get a vacation. :beach_ball:

    Bring me back something nice. :shopping:
  3. KTMom91

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    Like an authentic Mexican burro, Star?
  4. Jena

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    Star LOL........ and thanks for the cute pics!!!

    my mom went to mexico and all she brought back was this......... tshirt, hangover, ............ hey i earned it. it'll help me keep my focus the next ten weeks :) after that hmmm........ :) back to the grind. 4 days goes soo quick though. leave on a sunday am. early get back thursday night so he can work again
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I just want you to bring me back a more rested, clearer thinking you - with a plan. Happier, in control with convictions.

    But KTMOM - that's a lovely, LOVELY sentiment.
  6. Jena

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    ok a pink donkey shirt?? LOL............
  7. Jena

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    umm this is about as clear as it gets......... this is my non plan plan by the way everything i juggle....... and the rest...... its' 4 days not 4 years!!! :) it could be ten hours of a break, it would still be awesome!