We're moving! Wish us luck!


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I'd put in an offer for a home in Florida. After going back and forth, it was accepted today. Closing is set for August 15, movers coming August 31. I am so excited.

I'm proud of my daughter in all of this. This is not a move she wanted. Even more, it is a move to a retirement community, so there will be few people her age around. She is taking it all very graciously, finding the good.

The pluses for me are less money being spent on housing. Everything is cheaper there than the West Coast. We'll be closer to my father's family and farther away from my mother. The chances of getting a job should I desire are much higher there since 55 is relatively young compared to most of the workforce for that area as opposed to here where I've aged out.

The minuses are the new house is much much smaller. I'm not used to living in a community where I can't do what I want to my property. I'm going to have to give up some furniture I truly love because it just won't fit. And, of course, moving in general stinks and moving across country is really a frightening endeavor.

So, wish me luck on this new endeavor and let's hope my daughter survives the move and gets her life totally on track there.

Good thoughts and prayers for you and difficult child. Here is hoping the change in scenery is a good one for both of you!


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Good luck! Glad difficult child is finding the positives!

Sometimes a small house is a blessing - less to clean, more time to have fun!!!

Keep us posted!



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Good luck with the move---I always detest the last few boxes, cause that is where I dump the odds and ends. Have a garage sale for the furniture and take the money south! Smaller is much better when there aren't small kids around (I always think they need room to run). Hope the retirement community works for you....you will be the youngster of the neighborhood?

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You are brave - I have been pondering about moving to Arizona if something happens to my job before I actually get to retire - I remember my lack of impulse control when I was much younger - I would jump at the chance to move somewhere and looked at it as a grand adventure - now it only gives me sleepless nights.

Trying to find a place without a Homeowners Association is nearly impossible - and I don't want to live anywhere where someone dictates how my house should look - not that I would do anything ever outlandish, its just the very idea that everything HAS to look the same.

Good luck :smile:



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As one of the few remaining Native Floridians, I saw Welcome to
the Sunshine State. It is a wonderful place to live for those
without special needs. It's also a great place to grow old because I swear there are scads and scads of active, healthy, ninety year olds! I hope you enjoy each day after you settle in.