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Hi all, We've moved into a bigger place and both difficult child's regressed. The blue lady came back for difficult child 1. She appears in the school bathroom. Has blood on her face and a knife in her pocket. difficult child 1 was wetting his pants everyday at school, some at home, and wetting the bed at night. Since school got out he is just wetting some at home and his bed at night. He is in a behavior program and I'm not sure its a good thing. They are under the assumption that all his behavior is learned and that he can control it all. This is the little boy that told me he pushed difficult child 2 because "difficult child 2 is a vampire and wants to bite me" Some of the stuff coming out of his mouth would be funny if he didn't believe it 100%. There is lots of pressure on difficult child 1 to improve his behavior and I'm not sure he can. Those kinds of comments dramatically decreased when the psychiatrist increased the risperdal.

difficult child 2's words have decreased but his intonation has improved. So, I know he wants something because of his intonation is a question, but I don't know what he wants because he is slurring his words together. Before he would be leaving the endings off the few words he would use. Now I'm not getting the beginning sounds either. Also, our next door neighbor has a little girl that terrorizes him. Today I had to take her by the hand (drag her along the ground) to her mother to get her to stop. She is only 3 1/2. She just won't leave difficult child 2 alone. Most times if she is outside we don't go out. Thank goodness she is moving in the next few weeks.

easy child has learned how to walk!!!! And husband is still husband. And money problems are still there, but this time its not husband's fault. We're just swamped with bills. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork. The lawyer's office held onto a bill for 8 months before telling us about it. A utility place held onto a bill for a year and a half before telling us about it. Isn't that illegal? Both these bills I had thought payed off.

Sorry this is so long. I just haven't updated in a while.


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I hope things settle down soon. Moving is rated the second most stressful event in a person's life. So some regression on the part of the kids is probably to be expected. I do hope psychiatrist can get your difficult child stable again soon. As far as the unexpected bills, see if they can put you on a payment schedule that will allow you to pay them over a few months -RM


Even small transitions use to throw difficult child in a tailspin. Thank goodness we did have to throw moving into the works.

Hope they settle soonest.

Yea easy child!


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Wow, you've got your hands full. I hope things settle down. You can pay part of the bill(s) now and part later, just to keep things stable. I hope you like your new home, despite everything.
Now you've got a cute, but very mobile, kid on your hands so you'll be even busier. I hope your G'sfg are good with-easy child.


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That's a full plate! Try to eat it one bite at a time! :::hugs:::

Hopefully psychiatrist can get your difficult child 1 stablized again. That's always been my fear with day programs and such...that their behavior mods are trying to change behaviors that the children are not truly able to change.

Good thing that little terror is moving away soon! My goodness!

Congrats to easy child!!!


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Hang in there I am glad you are back. It is always nice to see you around here!!!

I am so sorry the kids are regressing... it is hard to see and to know how why and all of that.
When we moved a year ago it also coincided with K getting worse!!! The move really was not that hard on her... she is such a weird kid the things that affect her deeply and the things that don't baffle me at times! To say the least.

I hope it gets better soon.... hugs

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Good to "see" you. I'm sorry your difficult children are struggling. Saying a prayer things get better soon. Hugs.