Whale Done and the Miracle Worker.

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    This is a small and useful book I read some time ago. If you can get around the politically incorrect focus on training poor sea creatures in captivity. The focus on the theory is very helpful. I this is an expansions on Victor Frankls theory’s on man and his search for meaning. In that we must not limit our expectations.

    I found it helpful I am reading it again and though I would share it.


    Also I found on YouTube the full film of The Miracle Worker.

    Helen Keller Full Movie - The Miracle Worker Subtitle Indonesia

    An inspiring story.
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    Littleboylost On the road unwanted to travel

    There is no sense in trying to stand up for other people. The only hope is to teach them to stand up for themselves. What you teach them now is all they will ever be.....The Miracle Worker.