what 300-400 calories look like on your plate


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What a great visual. When we cook at home, we not only save big on calories, but on dollars too. Thanks for the link Chris!


Great link! Great photos! Thank you for posting this.
It sure does pay to eat at home...saves calories and money as well.
Put a little thought into it it and you can come up with some yummy low fat/high fiber/low calorie meals...not too costly dollar wise as well.

p.s. husband and I still like to go out now and then, but we have cut back for these very reasons and are pleased with the results.


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I joke and say that one thing that has contributed to my rethinking the way I eat is that I'm dirt poor.

I've got a choice: I can live on carbs or I can live on starches (I've got about 55 lbs of Zyprexa fat to lose).

I did a couple of things; I went mostly vegetarian (ovo lactarian...and very occasionally fish--it's not cheap, but it doesn't shrink during cooking).

Then, I Invented my own version of portion control. I took one standard sized dinner plate and divided it up into quarters. !/4 protein; 1/4 starch; 2/4 veggies and/or fruit, etc.

If I were to have a dinner like I did last night, where the entree was a brown rice and lentils dish (starch and protein together), I simply split the plate in half to measure servings.

Using smaller plates makes servings look bigger as well.


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Thanks for posting this. I've seen similiar things in the past. I can tell you that once you really look and study the pics, you realize that eating healthier can be tasty and filling! I know for myself, that eating is a two-fold addiction - first it is just that I love food, and the second is emotional in nature. When it's emotional, you often have connections to certain food that satisfy the emotional needs you are addressing with food. Carrots and what bread don't address those issues.

Changing your life is not just about knowing what to eat, it's about knowing why you eat.



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Chris, thanks so much for posting this. It's a great visual reminder of how much healthy food fits within a given caloric allowance.

Something else to think about.

Chewing helps move your body through the cycle from hunger to satiety. If you're eating a large portion of food that requires a lot of work to chew, such as a salad, it gives your body time to recognize and respond to satiety.

A lot of fast food and restaurant food slides down with little to no effort, which allows us to put much more food in us before we hit the point of satisfaction.