What a Day!

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    I decided to allow difficult child to go bowling this morning without bowling buddy so he could make up for last week's day camp. Diva refused to take him and said it wasn't fair that she had to have buddy without difficult child to help entertain him because she has an out of state friend here for a few days. So, I told her that if I had to come home to get difficult child to bowling that she would not get paid for today. So, she got up and took him (after a few very unacceptable words to me).

    I gave Diva money to take buddy and her friend to lunch somewhere. That filled in the time that she had to watch buddy as well as made sure he was fed before his mom picked him up.

    difficult child ate at the bowling alley and I picked him up about 12:15 and headed to Fargo one hour away. I dropped off husband's mail. I had him standing outside as I drove by since I didn't have time to park and find where he was working at.

    difficult child's 1st appointment was with psychiatrist. We are changing from Flouxetine to Citalopram (Celexa). psychiatrist thinks that difficult child's "heat rash" may actually be a rash from the Flouxetine since it is really not clearing up well. He asked what I thought about Zoloft or Citalopram. I told him I was hesitant about Zoloft because it is so controversial for kids (even though Flouxetine is also and it works for difficult child). Anyone with insight on Celexa, please share.

    difficult child then had an appointment with therapist. That appointment went over the time limit (unusual to do so while things are going well). therapist gave difficult child some ideas on how to prepare himself for the NYC trip. We also talked about how parents do not always have to explain all their decisions. Anyway, it was a good appointment. Very productive for difficult child. (Isn't it cool when an therapist appointment is so beneficial so soon and difficult child comes away showing that he learned something?)

    So, that left us running late to get back to town with a new prescription to fill. I needed to stop and fill up with gas so difficult child changed into his baseball outfit at the gas station.

    I dropped difficult child off at the ball park and headed to the grocery store to fill the prescription.

    Diva brought diva puppy (dressed in team color bandana) and her friend to the park.

    When it started to rain, Diva took diva puppy to her vehicle and then came to where I was standing to say she just lost her spare key to the jeep. She searched for it on the way back to the jeep but did not find it. She had it in her back pocket! Ugh very big time Ugh.

    When she got home, she looked there and then called me. I had also searched the park with no luck. I asked what was on the key - was it a lone key or a chain attached? "It is dad's spare set. There are lots of keys on it!" I just lost it at that point. This is the second LARGE set of keys she has lost this Summer. How can someone be that irresponsible? And to loose husband's keys! I can just SCREAM - which I did at her. I told her to get back to the park and start searching. (I am sure she has not)

    I went to a meeting at church and she called. I told her I did not want to talk to her until she found BOTH sets of keys - this is getting ridiculous! She texted me to say she had found the 1st set (keys to the gym she goes to along with whatever else she had on the set).

    She then asked who someone would turn keys into if found. I told her if found, people would just keep walking past them - there is no one to turn keys into. I told her she could call Parks and Recs and ask that their cleaning crews keep an eye out. She can also PAY for a lost and found ad in the paper.

    She has an appointment out of town right away in the morning. I will take the boys back there in the afternoon to do another search. Maybe if someone finds them they will lay them on a table in the park?

    I am just sickened that she would be so careless as to loose husband's keys.

    So, as this was unfolding, a fellow church board member asked me how my day was going! I told her besides lost keys, it is going well! :tongue: (See, sometimes I can be super angry at one thing and still enjoy the rest of the day!)

    I need to get to work early again tomorrow. Bowling Buddy will be dropped off at our home and the boys will be alone for less than 1 hour (they are both 12 years old and can do well). I will then pick them up about 9:00 and drop them off for bowling camp with money to get lunch. I may have to leave work early again so the earlier I get in the better tomorrow.
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  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh my gosh -- I need some oxygen just to keep up with your day!!!

    As for Celexa, we recently switched difficult child 1 to it from Lexapro. We had lowered the Lexapro dose from 20mg to 10mg, because psychiatrist thought it might be disinhibiting difficult child 1 too much (he's been a bit much lately, and I think it's more than just typical teen stuff). But when we went to 10mg, he started picking at the skin on his arms and making scabs. So then psychiatrist said to switch to 20mg Celexa. But he's been really irritable and mouthy on this so far, and it's been a month already. I'm not sure that it's the right medication for him. I'm tempted to wean him off it completely and see if he can manage okay without it.

    Hope you get some insight on the Celexa for your difficult child soon. Usually I think it takes a couple of weeks to know if it's right or not. But better now than to try tinkering with things during the school year!
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    A future suggestion on the keys - you should never put either your home phone number or your address on your home keys. But we used to put the work phone number on the home keys and the home phone number on the work keys. That way we have a chance of getting them back but we still have security.

    We have also put a mobile phone number on the keys - it depends on whether the number is listed and in any way connected with your home address as to whether you do this, but it has been worth it for us. I was on a Movieworld ride and the keys dropped out of my poxket. They found them and rang the mobile number on the keyring. Because we were on holidays, we were able to backtrack to collect the keys. If they had waited until we went back home it would have been difficult.

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    I have a great big key ring with all of those keys that I use once in a great while. It stays in my purse. Not realistic for a teen but they really don't have great big key rings, either.

    I also have a key ring with a car key and a house key. It is on a very small carabiner about 1 inch long. I snap it on my purse strap which has a metal ring. If I don't have my purse with me, I put it on a belt loop. I have never once lost my keys since I started using this system.
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    WOW!! What a day. You sure do have the days packed, don't you???

    I hope you and husband can come up with a plan to have her feel the logical consequences of losing Dad's work keys. Like paying for the new keys, or lock changes, or something. Be creative. I know you have it in you!

    Sorry things are so rough.


    Forgot to mention this: If prozac works well for him you may want to try luvox or pristiq. My doctor suggested them to me, but prozac works well and we don't want to fix what isn't broken, Know what I mean???

    Wiz does extremely well on luvox, it was started in the psychiatric hospital his last stay there. The nurse described it as "prozac on steroids", meaning much more powerful than prozac. But he needed lots of antidepressants, always has. Pristiq is newer and I don't know anything about it. Just that it is a "cleaner" molecule than prozac.
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  6. Andy

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    We have the keys back!!!! Remember, I told Diva to call Parks and Recs atleast three times!

    husband told me yesterday that he has the keys. I asked how and he said HE called Parks and Recs and they had them in their lost and found.
  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Yay! Now about giving DIVA her own set of keys... NOT the originals. And if she loses those, then she gets to pay for a new set, no?
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    OMG we had a thing going with keys for awhile. easy child lost 2 house keys and then did without. After she married.........she lost several sets before it finally stopped. Same with purses and wedding rings.

    Poor Nichole, thanks to her sister, never got a house key until just this year. It has not been lost even once. lol Travis still does not have a key.

    In this small town most people leave doors unlocked. I know I do except at night. Even when we're gone. So if husband and I were gone and the kids needed to get in.....they still could.
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    I'dbe making Diva pay for her own swet of keys now. She's already demonstratedd her lack of respect for other people's sets f keys. I mean, she didn't even call Parks & Rec when you suggested it, even though it was the best chance of getting them back!

    She has to learn somehow, and the hip pocket is the best way.

  10. Andy

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    Yes, she needs to pay for her own set of spare keys especially if she wants to carry a set.

    in my humble opinion, she should never be carrying husband's spare keys. She was in town all day as was I. If she locked herself out of the jeep, she should be able to call me to get the spare set from the house - not that far away from either of us at anytime.

    One of those - it is upsetting when done once but once the second set is lost that close to the 1st set it is enterring anger time with me.

    I found difficult child's retainer on his desk the other night so I put it in his red holder so it would be easier to find when pushed off the desk onto the floor. He was sleeping so I couldn't tell him about it. Yesterday at lunch time, I noticed he had his retainer and mentioned that I see he figured it out. He said that at first he looked and looked but would not tell me because he knew I would be angry if he lost his retainer AGAIN! then he decided to check the holder. If at first you don't succeed, then read the directions or look where the object belongs!
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    I just have to say I admire you Andy. You inspire me with how you seem to successfully juggle so many priorities. Hugs, ML

    Manster did well on celexa but gained weight on SSRIs in general. Again, trying to balance side effects with benefits. He's currently on 20 mg of zoloft. I don't think it's working but it may be too low but psychiatrist respects my fear of increasing to higher dosages of these medications. Pediatrician said we have to decided what we're doing with this medication, either go higher or get off completely. I didn't realize it was controversial any more than the others, thanks for mentioning that. ML