What a **** day

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    Despite my best efforts to remain happy, content, thankfuly, etc., this has turned into a real **** day.

    Our Nala dog has a vet appointment to look at the bite that Sophie dog gave her the other day - it is puffy and likely going to become infected if it isn't already.

    And I've added Sophie to the appointment now as she is doing horribly. She can barely lift her little head, she is weak and has a difficult time going up and down stairs. All she wants to do is sleep and eat (she is ravenously hungry - never enough food to satisfy her) and she peed on the other dogs' beds again.

    I spoke with our vet and they have agreed to allow me a payment plan but I have to put 50% down at the visit. I told them no heroics for Sophie, just tell me if we should put her down, wait it out - I don't want any medications, not tests, no nothing. My vet is BIG on tests and he's nuts about saving an animals life at all costs...well, I'm not. Sophie is 10, she's had a VERY good life with us.

    I know if she's dying that putting her down is the right thing to do, but still. And then I think of how difficult child will be, and H. They love Sophie so much and the last time we had to put an animal down, over 10 years ago, it was me. It's always me that has to make the tough decisions and H made sure to guilt me over it. I don't need that. My heart is already aching.
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    So sorry Jo. I'm right there with you.

    I spent 200.00 today on Maggie's shots.............Molly xrays and blood work. And vet is worried it may be Molly's heart. :( I should know something tomorrow.
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    Aw, Jeez, Lisa, I'm so sorry about Molly. We can keep one anothers dogs in our prayers.
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    I'm sorry. (((hugs)))
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    Why is the word C R A P censored?
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    c r a p is a precursor to doo doo, ca ca,bm, the brown bomber, dookie, poo poo and schnit. without the cn..........

    I'm so so sorry about your baby hnr.....I wish I could say something wonderful here to make you feel better......but just know that my heart goes out to you along with my prayers.
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    Jo, I'm praying hard for Sophie that it's something they can help her with that won't be too expensive........just as I am with Molly.

    IF it's Molly's heart (CHF, is it possible in dogs?) I won't probably do much in the way of treatment........but she's perked up so much lately I'm not quite ready for the next step either unless vet says it's the kindest thing to do. She's having some really really bad days..........but her good days are really good, down to her playing like a puppy again. So as long as we're getting those really good days.....and there is no pain.......yeah. Maybe she'll go in her sleep due to the exertion from playing with Maggie on one of those good days......but I could live with that.

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    At this point, I would like for the vet to just give me some pain relief for Sophie so she doesn't have to suffer. I'm not sure that she's in pain, but I do know that she's exhausted all the time and she occasionally lifts her back leg, which signifies to me that she has some level of discomfort. I don't want to treat her if it's the bone marrow thing again...it's just too much, nearly $100 a month and it makes her crazy. One of the drugs they use is a high dose of prednisone and it makes her even more ravenously hungry, agitated and amped. She is not happy, panting all the time like that. I'd rather let her go in peace. Sweet lovey.

    Lisa, I know what you mean about Molly and treating her. How old is she again? Sophie is a small dog, she should have had a longer life, but sometimes the genetics are not what they should be and these little cairns die early. My heart is so heavy tonight. I just spoke with H about it and he is in denial, of course he is, because then he doesn't need to be the bad guy. Gimme a break.
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    I'm so sorry. Sending hugs.
  10. Hound dog

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    Molly is 12 yrs old.

    I think any dog would be thrilled to live the life she's lived. She's packed more living into those 12 yrs than most people I know. I hear dogs sleep 18 out of 24 hrs.........well, until the last couple of years, they obviously never met Molly. Because she never did. She'd herd her hard plastic ball in the back yard for hours in her younger days. She played soccer, went swimming, fished (and even caught a few), hunted turtles and crawdads, played ball, had snow ball fights with Nichole, went sledding with Nichole........I don't think I could manage the whole list of her activities because it's pretty darn long. But I do know other than the occasional nap, she only slept at night.

    I've had to think of her time of passing way too much than I ever wanted here recently. But I think I'm coming to terms with it finally. She has lived a very full, happy, much loved and very spoiled life. I even did a painting of her. We she does pass over, however it happens, she will never be far from our thoughts for the rest of our days. It will be painful to see her go, and she will missed terribly. But we were truly blessed the day we brought her home.

    I could not do 100.00 per month. I couldn't do 40.00 a month........shoot, I'm not sure I could handle 25.00 a month right now. I'm currently paying vet bills from my income tax refund. That xray is as far as I'll go as far as testing. easy child nearly fainted that I went that far, but it's my Molly girl. She has protected this family from harm time and again.......she has made our lives richer and blessed because she is here......so I feel like I owe it to her to at least find out what the problem is if I can afford to do so. I'd like to have some idea of what to expect in the days to come. Know what I mean??
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    Yes, I totally kwym.
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    Hugs guys. It is so darned difficult when a pet gets older and they are sick.
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    Welp.....................short of some really expensive testing...........vet doesn't know what the issue is. Good thing Molly's heart / kidneys are fantastic. But obviously she's having a lung issue........so I'm picking up some special wormer in case it's some parasite that is attacking her lungs. If that doesn't work......well, we just dunno.
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    I will let you know how it goes this afternoon for us at the vet. I think Nala's ear is actually healing very well - I've been diligent about keeping it cleaned and putting neosporin on it. But I'd like them to prescribe an antibiotic just in case.

    Sophie? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm afraid they will tell me something similar to what you said about Molly - this part is okay but something's up with this part. Then what???
  16. Hound dog

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    Crossing body parts for you.

    I already told the vet, no more testing for Molly and no specialist. I just can't afford to go that far.
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    Oh, I am so sorry. It does sound like the end of the line for Sophie. I'd like to bite somebody right now, too.
    I'm with-you. Forget what the vet says. You're the mom.
    Hugs and antibiotics for Nala. And extra hugs for you.
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    Just came back from the vet for Sophie and Nala. Thankfully, Nala is okay, her ear is healing well. She had to get a rabies booster because sophie hasn't had the rabies vaccine in six years...she is considered a carrier even though she has not been exposed. But Sophie may have Cushings...or she could be going into liver failure...or she could just have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I doubt the last one. For a small dog like her, losing 2 lbs this year shows. The vet took blood and a urine sample so I'll know tomorrow what's up with her. They also gave us tramadol to give her at night so she's comfortable because it's apparent she's in pain somehow. They also said she has arthritis of the spine and patella displacia in both knees, but it's not too bad. $314
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    This is a tough situation that's fallen into your lap; I'm really sorry. Pets are so much a part of our families, aren't they?
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    Well, I'm glad you got out of there for $314. It's a lot, but it also could have been a lot worse.
    I hope that the tramadol helps her pain.
    Fingers crossed on the test results.
    And gentle hugs for all of you.