WHAT a fiasco

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    There was a dog (lab mix) roaming in our back yard. I thought he was deaf cause I called and whistled and he didn't even look my direction so I asked easy child to go see if he had on any tags.

    Well, the dog obviously likes easy child. A lot. No tags. But he wouldn't leave. He followed easy child into the garage and whined and scratched at the door to come in the house. Non stop. So I go out to see him. He's not a little dog and he's obviously young and waaaaay too much energy for our house. It was all I could do to check his collar.

    I know our next door neighbor has dogs and easy child goes to school with their daughter so I asked him to go next door and see if he's theirs or if they knew he belonged to. He balked. Big time. He was chatting online with friends and one of them called the girl. It took 10 minutes (!!!) to *kinda* determine he wasn't their dog. For crying out loud. Are you missing a dog or not? Do you have a neutered male, black lab mix with a black collar with bones and a short tail? How hard is it!!!

    In the meantime the dog is still in our garage (the back door to the garage was open...dog wasn't leaving) tearing up our door. I couldn't let him in the house. Jewel was going crazy and I have no idea if he likes cats or thinks they are just snacks. Plus, he was sooooo incredibly hyper and I'd prefer not to have any damage, Know what I mean?? easy child puts him out back outside and closes the back garage door. This door is so swollen from cooling and heating and from the moisture from the melting snow, that I have blisters on my thumb and index finger from trying to get it open to let Jewel out. I can barely get it open and I have to put all my weight against it to get it closed. This dog got the door open.

    It was pretty obvious this dog wasn't leaving. So, I asked easy child to put him on the leash and take him around to neighbors and see if anyone knows who he belongs to. easy child balks. Will not do it. I don't know why. Shy? Self-conscious? So, I have to go. I told easy child he had to take the dog because there was no way I could control him. Especially after we got the leash on him and it's obvious he's never been on a leash before. :faint:

    While I may not be currently having agonizing, kill-me-now-and-get-it-over-with pain right now, I'm still having pain and discomfort. We walk up and down the street, through snow and some drifts still a foot deep trying to find this dog's home. No luck.

    I have to come home. I can't walk anymore. Tell easy child he's going to have to go. Tell him to leave the dog in the garage and just go knocking on doors. Well, he doesn't. He puts the dog on the tie out and leaves.

    Let me tell you. This dog took a serious liking to easy child and has SEVERE separation anxiety. easy child was gone about 2 minutes and this dog broke his leather collar and found easy child. Fortunately, easy child found his home. It's behind us and caddie-cornered. They didn't even know he was gone. :faint:

    I'm soooo frustrated. I'm sore, my feet are cold, my socks were wet, he tore my sweater, scratched up my doors, the kids were arguing with me and I'm on steroids. I'M NOT IN THE MOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ok. Vent over. Normally this wouldn't phase me. I'm just sooo not in the mood for it.

    Oh. And the PT thinks we're just playing the insurance game. She doesn't think I should be there. She doesn't think she'll be able to help me. But, she knows we have to play their game to get the MRI. Sigh...
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    Somebody fix this sentence for me. I fixed it 3 times in preview and it still doesn't seem right, but I can't figure out what's wrong with it. It's driving me nuts. :whiteflag:
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    Let's see...

    While I may not be having agonizing, kill-me-now-and-get-it-over-with pain right now, I'm still having discomfort.

    I took out the "currently" because it is redundant since you also say "right now".

    Hope this helps,
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    Ugh. Tell easy child to quit being such a brat. Wonder why all the balking. Oh, well, at least you found out where the dog belonged and got him home. Sorry for the damage he caused.

    While I may not have agonizing, kill-me-now-and-get-it-over-with pain right now, I'm still in pain and discomfort.

    I removed a few words. Your sentence was actually just fine but for the one redundancy. (I give up, it insists on staying in italics.)
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    New sentence: "I feel like cr*p."


    Okay, so, I rescued the neighbor's dog once ... similar story to yours, except I tied it to the front door post. Turned out the post wasn't solid ... just decorative. Dog yanked the post right out from under the roofline!!!!
    Yes, the neighbors got their dog back. I pd for the post myself. Grrr. Arf.

    Get some rest. So sorry about your PT and easy child being such pains. I'd take away easy child's phone privileges and have him sand and paint the wrecked garage door to earn back the phone.

    Just sign me,
    Mean Mom
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    Actually, the PT was great. She got right from the beginning that I really don't belong there and it's just a hoop I'm having to jump through for the insurance company. It's just that I have to do this at least 4 more times over the next 2 weeks and it's frustrating.

    I was so annoyed at easy child. But, I was getting even more annoyed that we couldn't find the dogs home. It was pretty apparent that no one was out looking for him. It was after 5, so the vets office and the humane society were both closed...no place to go to scan for a microchip. I was already planning ahead for bringing the dog in for the night and I was soooo not looking forward to it. Jewel was on edge because she was still coming out of sedation (she got her nails trimmed...sweet dog unless you touch her feet) so she was feeling defenseless which was making her a bit aggressive. Then there's the cats. I really like them and would be horribly upset if doggy decided they looked like food.

    Then when we put the leash on him and it was so obvious that was a completely new thing for him....grrr...how could someone have a dog with that much energy and not walk him. Although, maybe that don't have to use a leash. He wasn't letting easy child out of his sight.

    Anyway...last time I was on steroids I was happy happy happy. This time I'm incredibly irritable. I don't think my kids are enjoying it. :tongue:
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    What a mess. Glad you found the poor boy's home.

    Just a question? Have you ever tried GUILT?

    If the guilt card is not played too often, it can pack one heck of a whollop and get kids to do what they normal won't.

    I hope the adventure the the lab (now I see Gracie's problem) didn't undo the good of the medications.

  8. susiestar

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    Oh, guilt can be absolutely wonderful when used on kids. Very motivating.

    I would ask the neighbors to pay for any damage. The dog will be back every chance he gets. he is starved for love adn found a place that is full of it. Even if the inn is full, the animals still keep trying.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    Guilt. I have to be to the point of tears usually with easy child before it works...and I don't fake it. Although, he did get upset with me one day last week because I was obviously in pain and I was doing the dishwasher. He had griped about the kitchen, but no one was stepping up to the plate. He yelled at me and I told him that no one had volunteered to do it and it needed done. He then scooped the litter boxes, swept the kitchen floor and vacuumed without being asked. ;)

    difficult child is another story. Completely depends on her mood. Most days she says, "You never feel good!" Sigh... Like that's how I want it to be. :faint: But, I understand how frustrating it is for her, too.

    MB - That's how I had the sentence originally (except I still had the redundancy issue going on). So, why didn't it look right when I typed it? I guess the redundancy was throwing the whole thing off. I can see that something is wrong with a word or a sentence, but I seem to be having trouble figuring out how to fix it. Ah, well. There are worse things.