What A Great Story, Restores My Faith!


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Did anyone see this story? A high school quarterback took a girl with Down's Syndrome to her prom because he promised to back in grade school. They were friends back then and he stood up for her, but he ended up at a different school. They met again at a football game and he remembered his promise. She had no expectations, but he asked her out with balloons in a sweet way, and they went together to the dance. At no point did the boy try to downplay it so others would not hear, or act like he didn't remember the grade school promise.


Stories of things like this restore my faith in kids and in people in general.

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We hear and read about the bad, shocking things. The good things, the normal, everyday goodness in all of us, doesn't make good copy. I see that too in the way things are advertised. Sexual hooks used for selling cars or Korean air or frozen dinners.

I am thinking about taking a technology break. One of the books I am reading now is "The Arabian Nights." The real one, the classic one, filled with the stories Scheherazade told the Sultan to keep her own life. I have been reading a few pages to D H at Happy Hour. We are enjoying the stories, each more complex and entertaining and meaningful than the last. So, it got me thinking about how we use our time and our brains, and about what it must have been like to sit with only ourselves and the stars and each other, at the end of the day.

And what it means to come awake, make coffee, and go online as opposed to waking up and not doing that.

You see I am still here, today.



P.S. I love this very real human being story, Susie.

Thank you.


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That's a wonderful kid to keep his promise to an old friend, esp with her having downs. He is a true friend to her :) More people and kids should be like this, with or without any issues! Respect, compassion, love etc!


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There are wonderful news stories. You just have to get past all the horrible the media prefers. There's another one today about an elderly man who came home from months in the hospital to no food...no money...no way to get out of his home. He called 911, not knowing what else he could do. The 911 operator took him groceries and some ham sandwiches. When word of her good deed went public the man got so many donations that he called a local food bank to come get food from him! It was such an inspiring story of one good deed getting passed on.

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I love stories like this. In the midst of so much bad news it's nice to be reminded there is still good in the world.