What a male will do to get out of cleaning.........

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1. Explains he has diarrhea, is dehydrated, needs to lie down

2. Fakes chest pains

3. Again fakes chest pains

4. Again with the chest pains.....only now we're back to the "I have a virus......and all the symptoms" Virus is causing his chest pain. omg

Yes. I know chest pains are nothing to mess with. But husband has a horrific hyatial hernia (and I can't spell this morning worth a darn) and he has other esophagus issues too. Both can produce chest pains. They're just not the same type of pain. Know what I mean?? His "symptoms" of chest pain is more a match up with the esophagus than with the heart. He has not a single other symptom of a heart attack. I've dealt with this on and off for nearly 30 yrs.

This started with the You're helping me clean or Else. The timing says a lot too. And the pain vanishes when he takes heartburn medications. Tried it on the power of suggestion principal.

I'm escaping to cincy this morning with easy child to log prices at various stores while we shop. If I don't, husband will probably wish he was having a heart attack. The man is driving me insane.

Oh, the "virus" got added in because he has to take katie and Evan for his kindergarden evaluation this morning. He's none too happy about that. He still has to. Plans for cincy were made last week, not changing them now. If I did he might not make it through the day. :rollingpin:

Bad enough I have to listen to katie and her array of phoney symptoms........having husband going at it at the same time is just too darn much.


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I do think it's mostly a guy thing... Every time we have major cleaning to do, something happens... husband literally gets sick... I swear he holds germs in his body till it's time to clean...


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I swear, aren't they all the same?..."I banged my toe", anything to get out of a chore..here's my favorite, "I'm digesting" (!) PLEASE, the man is always "digesting".
Have a great day in Cincy, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll do something!


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Im digesting? Really? Wow...Im gonna use that one!

I actually used the diarrhea one last week but I was also having a major headache and I was really sick. I think I either picked up a bug or got some bad chicken nuggets at a fast food place. Took me two days and a quarter of a bottle of imodium to get rid of the trots but the headache stayed for another two days.


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If you want GREAT deals, go and check the sale section of Jungle Jims. It is an AWESOME place to go at lunchtime because they have samples all through the store - so it is a free lunch even if you only walk around.

Are you making a price book? They are the BEST way to truly know if a deal is good or not. Takes work to start up, like couponing, but once you are in the habit it is no big deal to keep it up.

Be sure to check the food at Big Lots. I get some of the best deals on food there even though they don't take coupons. Also on health and beauty items. Last time they had aquafina lip balm two packs for $1 - regular stock not a sale, and it is one of the best lip balms I have tried. Has a mint smell but it isn't strong.

As for husband, he might as well accomplish something while miserable - that way the misery from cleaning is used up while he is already miserable. Also, if it is heartburn then laying down is the WORST thing to do - he NEEDS to be upright. moving around is GOOD for that - mild exercise is recommended by every GERD doctor I have seen!!! Next time you can use that as a "Gotcha! No Excuse now!"


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Give him a to-do list while you're gone. With the understanding that you aren't coming back until the list is done. :rofl:

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Uhh, Susie.....husband doesn't quite work that way. lol If I suggest those things, he's back to do you think it's a heart attack? On this issue he and katie are right at the same level. Obviously she got the gene from him.

Yes, we're making up price books. easy child has to wait longer to go back to work which puts her into a bigger financial bind, then when she can go back it has to start at 4 hrs 1-2 days per wk, then 6-8 hrs 2 days per wk, then maybe back to the 12 hr shifts after they see how she does. husband is due to be off unemployment in 2 wks or so. Money is getting tighter. We need to make every single penny count.

Like I discovered that Sam's Mrs. Butter'sworth syrup is cheaper in bulk than aldi's syrup, same for catsup, mustard, some baking supplies ect. So, if we can't get those things cheaper with a sale/coupons then we know where to go for it where it costs less.........and we can judge if it is worth the gas to drive there.

Don't forget, we're stocking up too, so when I say bulk, I'm not kidding. I'm talking 25 lb bags of rice ect. lol

Which is WHY this cleaning is so darned important. I have to have the room for storage. I have much of the main house back under control, just the washing the walls type stuff there. But when you've got stuffed stacked up along a wall of the kitchen......there is a problem.