What a mental image!

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    Duckie has been a bit of a pita lately and she had the riot act read to her yesterday, mostly an entitled attitude and being very demanding of my time and attention. It's been bad enough that I've fallen behind greatly at home and need, desperately, to clean and organize. I was also stressed that I couldn't get around to pulling out the Halloween decorations. I managed to get the livingroom cleaned up pretty well today and put out some decorations. I also put my witch's hat, hockey mask, plastic machete and a brand new extra long black wig in Duckie's room.

    I told her she needed to get on homework pretty quick since I had a PTA meeting to attend. So she came out wearing the hockey mask and carrying the plastic machete to do her math homework. Then she changed into a witch with knee-length black hair to do her spelling. :rofl:

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    So where's the picture?!!! :d
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    OMG TM that would have been adorable if you could've snapped a picture!