What a Relief!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Hound dog

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    The puppy that Nichole just HAD to have and brought home....lil Gracie? Well............Drum Roll........

    She will be placed into her forever home on Feb 18th! The family seem like wonderful people and are vet approved. Gracie will have lots of room, love, attention, good vet care plus spaying, and even an irsh setter to play with.

    WOOT! I'm soooo excited! And thrilled!

    While she's been here she's gone from terrified of her own shadow puppy to a real sweetheart, eager beaver, let me please you anyway I can sort of pup. I'm so happy she'll be having such a nice forever home.

    And above all else, I'm RELEAVED! I was getting worried. Star, I was afraid you were right and her forever home was going to end up here. And while I've grown quite fond of her, (you really can't help it) we just can't do a puppy or another dog here. This Inn is FULL.

    But thru freecycle I met this wonderful lady who places homeless cats and dogs. She also fosters and has others who foster for her, but they were full. So she's been searching for Gracie's forever home with a bio and photos while Gracie remained fostered here.

    This home sounds like the perfect place for her. And they know of her remaining "problems" so they won't be an issue.

  2. daralex

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    Glad you found them a home!!! My difficult child got introuble and had to do community service which somehow ended up with us "foster parenting" a doberman and all EIGHT of her puppies for 6 WEEKS (in our SMALL 2 bedrrom apartment!!! If anything it gave me an appreciation for difficult child - at least I don't have to walk her 5 times a day and she no longer pees and poops on the floor! Thank goodness for Freecycle!!! - Way to go!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Glad to hear the pup is going to a good home!:pet: