What a way to start a day! NOT

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nvts, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Alright, I feel like the guy "Dimone" in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

    "I got up in a great mood, I don't know what the hell happened?!!"

    All was right with the world, it's sunny and chilly, with crispy weather, the kids were up and getting dressed, the birds were singing...all was right with the world...

    "FIST FIGHT!!!"

    difficult child 1 and 2 got into it. The best part is: they don't know why. Eventually, it came out that difficult child 2 was eating a yogurt nutragrain bar, difficult child 1 wanted one and didn't know where they were. difficult child 2 was "doing his Yoda" (I have absolute power) and wouldn't tell difficult child 1 where he got it. difficult child 1 popped difficult child 2 and it was on!

    Just to back up a second - difficult child 1 is sporting his very first fat lip (ahhhh, makes a mother proud!) from a kid at school. Amazingly, he didn't hit back and proceeded to have a good day after all. But he needed desperately to talk, and talk, and talk about it for the entire night. husband almost blew it though. I told difficult child 1 that it's ok to defend himself, but before he hits back make sure he yells VERY LOUDLY "Don't hit me again" this way the teachers, etc. will know that he's defending himself, rather than being the one throwing the first punch.

    husband says "or if you want to look cool, yell "COME ON...LET'S GO". Now, to be truthful, that's the way that I handled my, um, shall we say "scraps" when I was a kid, but as an adult, my instinct is to make sure that there's very little room for misinterpretation. Thus "Don't hit me again" allows adults in a room full of kids to know that someone already threw a punch.

    I quickly voiced my opinion, and husband very politely agreed.

    Back to this morning - I confess - I got really p.o.'d. The announcement was made that if ANYONE has anything less than a great day at school, they were spending thier entire weekend in their rooms. I'm done!

    This was officially my "Declaration of Independence". I will no longer be the slave to their King George-like tyranny! I'm no longer willing to tip-toe around their moods so that they have a good day at school. Screw the school - they stir them up and then call me - if they stir themselves up and walk into school with an attitude, too bad! Humph! Bottom line: fighting will not be tolerated, and if you're going to start your day like that, I'm going to end your day the way I feel - with you in your room.

    What a pack of icky little kids!

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    I'm sorry but I'm roflao at the "pack of icky little kids." Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning.

    So, did either of them yelll "Don't hit me again" while they were whaling at each other?

    Sorry your morning was so awful. It really does stink when the morning starts with stress. Well, they're off to school so maybe you can enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.

    I'm with you that the school can handle them. I got a few of my daughter's teachers mad when I told them that I didn't ask them to handle the at-home issues and I expected them to handle the majority of the at-school problems. I'd only jump in if my daughter made it an issue at home (complaining about being bullied, etc.) and then the school wouldn't be too thrilled because odds are I'd be fighting FOR her. It did save me about 3 hours a week on phone calls so I really didn't care that the teachers were angry and I can't think of a single time that the school called that the only resolution they had was to pick her up.

    Anyway, hope the rest of your day goes better and they behave in school. Good luck!
  3. totoro

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    Oh I am so sorry... laughing a little at your funny post!
    I am so lucky my little *Angels* have yet to beat each other up! Please don't start. They have hurt each other but stop the minute they see that one is hurt... for now!
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    I got here a bit late - I'm eating lunch while typing. Once again, you've made me laugh! Anyway, sorry your day got off to such a nasty start. I agree with you - Let the school see them at their "absolute best", lol!!! The school will have to handle them, not you!!! This is a good thing...

    Hope your afternoon is going better than your morning did. WFEN
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    My Grandpa used to say, "Healthy kids fight" to which my mom answered, "Then I have the healthiest kids around."

    Sorry for the hectic morning. Must have been something in the air though mine did not include sibling rivarly, I was so close to coming home before even getting to work - I will spell it all out in the watercooler - nothing serious, just, "What next?"
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    I have to admit I loved the part where you said "screw the school"......:) I'm sorry you had a rough start to the day. All over a nutrigrain bar was it?? ugh i hate those things anyway!!!

    I also tell my kids the same thing and their girls!! Someone in my family once told me how wrong i was! I said so wait if difficult child gets hit she should stand there take it and not hit back?? That's absurd. I always tell them try to find or locate a teacher first, if you can't and you got hit and their going to hit you again than plant them bigtime!

    Than again I"m from Brooklyn originally and that's how we did things quite frankly. I tried so hard to avoid fights as a kid, yet I did one time have to defend myself. Had I not that girl would of tortured me all year long in school. :)

    Yea to violence, just kidding i need sleep!!
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    My dad used to say, "Don't start anything but make sure you finish it."

    That taught me that I had permission to put an end to problems. Hopefully as I have grown, I have learned not to use my fists but some days can't help my dreams going there. Just kidding -

    When I was in elementary school, there were kids on the bus trying to get me to fight. I would say, "I'm not angry enough." They became so frustrated trying to get my angry enough but it never happened! I got them good and didn't lift a finger! :)
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    I"m sorry I missed this earlier yesterday ~ a pack of icky little kids do not help the morning routine.

    Good luck with your declaration of independence; sounds like it's needed.
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    Oh, so sorry.

    make sure he yells VERY LOUDLY "Don't hit me again"

    Great idea!